November 1, 2013

Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Miley Cyrus, Matt Lauer and More

The overwhelming celebrity Halloween costume theme this year seems to be dressing up like other celebrities. In particular, it seems like everyone wanted to work their own version of Miley Cyrus’ now infamous MTV Video Music Awards ‘twerking’ outfit. If there is anything we really wanted to see less than Kelly Ripa dressed as Miley […]

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November 10, 2008

Matt Lauer’s Divorce Trips Up Meredith Viera “Today”

Woops! It may get a little UN-COMFORTABLE after the Today Show ends this morning! While introducing an upcoming segment about the right age to get married, Meredith Vieira bumbled into the dicey subject of co-host Matt Lauer’s not-so-great marital history. After relaying that she’d gotten married in her 30s, Meredith turned to Matt and asked […]

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