Comedian Matt Lucas Ex-Husband Kevin McGee Commits Suicide

Kevin McGee, the ex-husband of British comedian Matt Lucas, committed suicide on Monday. McGee was found dead in his Scotland home, where he had reportedly hanged himself.

Matt lucas and Kevin McGee
Matt lucas and Kevin McGee

Only hours before taking his own life, Kevin McGee allegedly posted a message on his Facebook account saying: “Kevin McGee thinks death is better than life.” McGee was allegedly distraught over his divorce from Matt Lucas 10 months ago, had serious financial issues and was battling drug addiction.

Kevin McGee and British comedian Matt Lucas married in a civil ceremony in December 2006. The couple divorced last year, reportedly due to McGee’s drug problems.

Little Britain star Matt Lucas is “utterly destroyed” by McGee’s death, according to media reports, and has pulled out of a starring role in the London West End production of Prick Up Your Ears to take time to mourn.