Big Brother 9 Star Matt McDonald Arrested for Allegedly Beating Pregnant Girlfriend

Former Big Brother season 9 star Matt McDonald was arrested this weekend for allegedly beating his pregnant girlfriend. McDonald’s girlfriend claims he strangled her, kicked her and threatened to kill her father if the cops were called.

Matt McDonald from 'Big Brother' 9 (CBS)
Matt McDonald from 'Big Brother' 9 (CBS)

Police were reportedly called to the home of Big Brother season 9 star Matt McDonald over the weekend after receiving a domestic violence call. According to the Boston Police Department, McDonald’s girlfriend told officers he accused her of cheating on him. During an ensuing argument, Matt McDonald allegedly strangled her and yelled, “I hope the baby dies and hope u [sic] have a miscarriage.”

The girlfriend, who is seven weeks pregnant, claims the alleged abuse continued the next day when McDonald began punching and kicking her over a dispute about his plasma television. When she tried to get help from her father, the girlfriend told police McDonald threatened to kill him if he called the cops.

Officers reportedly found bruises on the girlfriend’s body and arrested McDonald on domestic abuse charges. McDonald allegedly claimed he was actually the one attacked and was only defending himself.

McDonald has been charged with assault and battery and will face the charges in court next month.

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