Matt Lauer’s Divorce Trips Up Meredith Viera “Today”

Woops! It may get a little UN-COMFORTABLE after the Today Show ends this morning! While introducing an upcoming segment about the right age to get married, Meredith Vieira bumbled into the dicey subject of co-host Matt Lauer’s not-so-great marital history.

After relaying that she’d gotten married in her 30s, Meredith turned to Matt and asked when he had gotten married. Er. There was an embarrassed and embarrassing pause from Matt, whose first marriage ended in divorce and whose second wife filed for divorce before withdrawing the suit. Here’s how the dialog went!
MATT LAUER: Then we’re going to talk about marriage. What is the right age to get married?
MEREDITH VIEIRA: I don’t know. I got married in my 30s. When did you get married?
MATT LAUER: Ah . . .

Someone off camera can be heard yelling “nice!”

MEREDITH VIEIRA: Anyway, I’m sorry. Oh geez.
MATT LAUER: The average age — let’s just start this show over. On average in this country women get married at 26, men at 28. Those are the averages. But how does your age impact your choice of a mate, and your chances for living happily ever after? Probably a more important question. We’ll get into that later.
MEREDITH VIEIRA: I don’t think I’m going to be one of those that lives happily ever after, after this show!

Fortunately for Meredith, Matt seemed to be taking her fumble like a good sport. Still, it was must-see TV!

Lynne Spears Spills Her Guts To Meredith Viera On The Today Show

Lynne Spears wants everyone to know she was NOT a stage mother to Britney Spears. Not even a little bit. No, no, Lynne’s hands are clean, according to Lynne. Lynne has a book to promote, as you probably know. She says that even when young Britney was a Mouseketeer, that “Britney pushed me.”
Wow. How unusual that a child would make demands of a parent. Sadly, Lynne appears to have caved to Britney at every turn. Quoth Lynne:

It’s been a wild ride for everybody. … She’s out there, she’s with the crowds and with her peer groups, and she’s doing things. … I have sat for hours, thinking about everything that’s happened.”

Sitting. Not doing anything about it, but thinking about it. Helpful! Lynne sat by while Britney shaved her head and went batshit crazy. Fortunately for Britney, her dad has some balls. Jamie Spears DID something while Lynne was sitting and thinking. Jamie’s intervention may have saved Britney’s sanity and her life. She’s still on the road to recovery, but Snarkista is thrilled for Britney’s VMA victories. They surely must have helped her self-esteem.

Here’s Lynne’s interview with Meredith Viera.