Metallica’s New Album Not a Metallica Album

The new concept album from Metallica and Lou Reed, Lulu, is out today but whatever you do, don’t call it a Metallica album. Drummer Lars Ulrich wants to be sure that’s clear: “This is a one-off project. It’s a new collective.” A collective that’s been released to rave reviews and pans by critics and fans alike.  Webzine Drowned In Sound says Lulu is Metallica’s “most interesting and engaging album in ages.” While others sing (pun intended) of its awfulness, it’s repulsiveness, is discordant-ness.

It’s also not really music and what emerges, according to reviewers, is a stream of consciousness -type thing, recited by Reed.  “No drums, no guitars, no recognizable rhythms or keys,” Ulrich recalls. “Just these soundscapes, incredibly beautiful. And Lou reciting these potent words. It was so deep.”

Call it what you will, that definitely doesn’t sound like Metallica.


Metallica Offers Reward for Information on Missing Fan Morgan Harrington

Hard rock metal band Metallica has added $50,000 to a $100,000 reward for information on missing fan Morgan Harrington. Harrington vanished during a Metallica concert in Charlottesville, Virginia, on October 17.

Morgan Harrington
Morgan Harrington

Morgan Harrington, blond, blue-eyed, 5’6″ and 120 lbs, was reported missing by her parents after she failed to return home after attending the Metallica concert. Friends of the Virginia Tech University student said Harrington excused herself to go to the restroom before Metallica took to the stage – and never returned. She later phoned friends inside to say she was outside the concert arena and could not get back in because she did not have her ticket stub and told them she would find a way home on her own.

That phone call was the last anyone has heard from Harrington. Her phone and purse were found on the ground outside the arena. Oddly, the battery from her cell phone was reportedly missing.

Metallica posted information about the missing girl on their website along with a note saying: “We are deeply concerned about the disappearance of 20 year old Virginia Tech student Morgan Dana Harrington, who was last seen while attending our concert at the John Paul Jones Arena in Charlottesville.”

Anyone with information on Morgan Harrington is asked to contact the Virginia State Police. There is also a tip line at 434-352-3467 and a website at

Right Now In Nashville: Music City Rocks Hard!

Whew, we just got all of the tourists out of town from the annual CMA Music Festival, and now Nashville is the last civilized stop on the way to Bonnaroo- the Woodstock of today, held just south of here in Manchester. TN. Bonnaroo, which began in 2002, has become one of the most successful music fests in the world. There are approximately 80,000 people camping and grooving all weekend long. This year, there are again some FAB performers including Kid Rock, Jack White, Metallica, My Morning Jacket, Vampire Weekend and a rare appearance by M.I.A. to name a VERY few.- you can read all about it here! Also, Concert from Stereogum is blogging about the Bonnaroo moments you wish you’d seen live! UPDATE: Pearl Jam performed an unprecedented 3 hour set last night. Ben Folds and BB King also gave the masses a treat along with many more awesome acts. Tonight will wrap up with Death Cab for Cutie, Robert Plant and Allison Kraus among others. And you thought Nashville was all about the country. Pshaw.