Brett Favre’s sister arrested for meth lab

Looks like Brett Favre isn’t the only one in the Favre family who is prone to getting in trouble.  His sister, Brandi Favre, has been arrested quite a few times for various violations over the years including theft and weapons charges, but this time she’s really got a lot of explaining to do.

Narcotics officers in Mississippi launched a surprise take-down of a meth lab inside a private residence, and lo and behold, inside the residence was Brandi Favre.  Favre and four other people were arrested and taken into custody, but their first stop was a decontamination lab.  The ingredients used to make meth are highly flammable, and even having the stuff on your clothes or skin can pose a danger.  After decontamination, the group were carted off to jail, but no word yet as to whether Brett is planning on bailing his sister out.