Catherine Zeta-Jones was in the psych ward

It’s been a hard year for Catherine Zeta-Jones, watching husband Michael Douglas‘ fight against cancer and dealing with law suits from Douglas’ ex-wife.  That would be enough to take its toll on anyone, but Catherine suffers from bipolar disorder, as well, so she’s had a particularly rough time.

In fact, she recently checked into the Silver Hill Hospital in Connecticut for some inpatient treatment, and apparently it went really well.  Catherine’s rep says that after her brief stint in the facility, she’s feeling much better now, much more balanced, and is ready to start work on the two upcoming films she’s going to be starring in.

Michael Douglas nearing the end of his cancer treatment

There seems to be some debate about how well things are going, but for better or for worse, Michael Douglas is coming to the end of his first round of treatment for stage four throat cancer.  Douglas has been undergoing a combination of radiation and chemotherapy for several weeks now, and this is his final week.  The official word is that the doctors have been pleased with his progress, and that they don’t see the need to schedule any further treatments, and that his chances are still 80%.  The grapevine, however, has been saying that the reason no further treatments have been scheduled is because there’s nothing else the doctors can do at this point, and Douglas is too weak to be able to handle any further therapy.  I hope those rumors are just fluff, and cancer therapy can certainly take a lot out of a person, but as friends have mentioned, Michael Douglas looks about a decade older than he did a month ago.  Hopefully it’s just fatigue and he’ll start recovering soon.

Michael Douglas Throat Cancer Stage 4 But Prognosis Still Good

Oscar-winning actor Michael Douglas revealed on the David Letterman Show Tuesday night that his throat cancer has spread. Douglas said he now has stage 4 throat cancer, but his doctors still give him an 80 percent chance of a full recovery.

Michael Douglas on DAVID LETTERMAN (CBS)
Michael Douglas on DAVID LETTERMAN (CBS)

Doctors found Michael Douglas’ throat cancer in early August, after it had already reached an advanced stage. “It’s a stage four [cancer], which is intense,” Douglas told David Letterman. You want to be at stage one.”

Douglas said he just finished his first full week of radiation and chemotherapy, a routine he will have to go through for eight weeks. Douglas blamed his disease on his lifetime of smoking and drinking.

Catherina Zeta-Jones, Douglas’ wife, told People magazine she was furious doctors did not find the cancer earlier. “He sought every option and nothing was found,” she said. “The hardest part is seeing his fatigue, because Michael is never tired.”

Douglas said the cancer treatments he is undergoing are severely draining. “It knocks you out really hard… I’m doing everything I can.”

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