Brittany Murphy Autopsy Report Leak Being Investigated

The Los Angeles Coroner’s Office is investigating how information from the Brittany Murphy autopsy report was leaked to the press on Tuesday. Investigators want to know how parts of the autopsy report were leaked to the gossip website, including a long list of prescription medications found at the home of Brittany Murphy and husband Simon Monjack.

Brittany Murphy
Brittany Murphy

“I’m furious,” Assistant Chief Coroner Ed Winter said on Tuesday about the leak of the Brittany Murphy autopsy results. “We don’t normally release partial information. If partial information goes out, it of course makes us look bad. Everybody ought to get it at the same time.” managing editor Harvey Levin has refused to comment on how the tabloid site obtained the autopsy information.

Brittany Murphy died on Sunday at the age of 32. Her death has widely been reported as the result of a heart attack. An official cause of death from the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office has not yet been released. An official determination of the cause of death is on hold until toxicology and tissue tests are completed, which may take several weeks.

An investigation into a possible leak of information from the Michael Jackson autopsy report earlier this year was also conducted by the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office but no evidence of wrongdoing was ever found.

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Michael Jackson Autopsy Photos Real or Fake?

Rumors are circulating that someone out there has illegally obtained Michael Jackson autopsy photos taken while his body was at the L.A. Coroner’s Office. The person supposedly holding information about the alleged photos also reportedly once helped a journalist track down Princess Diana death scene photos after she died in a horrific car crash.


According to Gerald Posner at the Daily Beast, he received a phone call last week from someone claiming to have knowledge of an illegally obtained Michael Jackson autopsy photo. This is, allegedly, the same source that once helped Posner track down rumored photos from Princess’ Diana’s fatal car accident. Those photos turned out to be real.

As for the alleged Michael Jackson autopsy photos, the verdict is still out whether they exist or not. Posner attempted to track them down, but ran into a wall when the restaurant owner who supposedly has them broke off contact with him.

If such a photo does exist, it would likely garner $1 million or more for publishing rights. If anyone was sleazy enough to publish it. Then again, CBS’s 48 Hours did eventually air some of the Princess Diana death photos. So if the photo is out there, more than likely we’ll see it eventually – whether we want to or not.

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