Michael Jackson Autopsy Reveals Singer Was in Good Health

More details emerging from the official Michael Jackson autopsy report show the pop icon was reportedly “fairly healthy” for a 50-year-old man. Jackson’s death was ruled a homicide from an overdose of the anesthetic Propofol and sedative Lorazepam.


According to new information released from the Michael Jackson autopsy report, the singer was in relatively good health for his age and height. However, Jackson’s body was punctured by needle marks and he did suffer from lung damage and arthritis. No illegal drugs or alcohol was found in his system, although earlier reports indicate marijuana was found in Jackson’s home at the time of his death.

The report also states Michael Jackson had numerous scars, including scars around his face that may have been caused by plastic surgery. The singer also reportedly had tattoos under his eyes, his eyebrows and across his head, where Jackson was reportedly going bald.

The full autopsy report remains sealed and no one has yet been charged with Jackson’s homicide. The drugs contributing to Jackson’s death were administered by his personal physician Dr. Conrad Murray, who currently remains a target of investigation over his treatment of Jackson.

Search Warrants Reveal Marijuana Found at Michael Jackson Home

Search warrants unsealed to the media on Thursday reveal several bags of marijuana were found at the home of Michael Jackson after his death. Two bags of pot, along with a wide variety of prescription medications were discovered when Michael Jackson’s Los Angeles home was searched by police.


In addition to two bags of marijuana and various pot paraphernalia, prescription drugs for the treatment of skin conditions, anti-anxiety pills, sleep aids, steroids, anti-fungal medications and other  prescriptions were found. However, earlier reports that tar heroin was found in Michael Jackson’s home have now been refuted.

The official cause of Michael Jackson’s death is expected to be released on Friday by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s office.

Michael Jackson’s Doctor Admits Administering Propofol Hours Before Death

Dr. Conrad Murray reportedly admitted to police officials that he administered the powerful anesthetic drug Propofol to Michael Jackson shortly before the singer’s death. According to unidentified police sources, Murray allegedly gave Michael Jackson an intravenous drip of Propofol, also known as Diprivan, just hours before he died.


Unofficial reports ‘leaked’ by unnamed police sources claim that the Propofol injection was likely the cause of Jackson’s demise. Official autopsy results are expected to be released later this week.

According to MTV.com, Dr. Conrad Murray told the Los Angeles Police Department several days after Jackson died that he had given the drug to the pop icon. Court documents indicate police are currently investigating Murray for possible manslaughter charges in connection to Jackson’s death. Last week, police raided Murray’s office and a storage locker, seizing files relating to the doctor’s treatment of Jackson. On Tuesday, police arrived at Dr. Conrad Murray’s home with a search warrant for the property in a quest for additional evidence in the case.

Murray’s lawyer, Edward Chernoff, stated on Monday that everyone “needs to take a breath and wait for these long delayed toxicology results.” Refusing to comment on the latest allegations against Dr. Conrad Murray, Chernoff said “things tend to shake out when all the facts are made known, and I’m sure that will happen here as well.”

Propofol is an extremely powerful anesthetic  normally used to put patients under in advance of surgery. The drug is generally not supposed to be used outside of a hospital setting, where a patient can be monitored by an EKG and pulse oximeter. Neither of these safety devices were reportedly found in Jackson’s home at the time of his death.

Live Streaming Michael Jackson’s Memorial Service

For those of you who will be away from the TV and it’s wall-to-wall coverage of Michael Jackson’s memorial service today at the Staples Center…here are some live streaming links so you can sneak a peek at work.

TMZ is reporting that Michael’s gold-lined casket is on it’s way to the Center, presumably for a viewing during the service. Snarkista isn’t super keen on this idea…but stranger things have happened. Like this: the Ringling Brothers’ circus starts tomorrow at the Center, and the elephant parade is rumored to be part of what’s shaping up to be THE biggest circus on earth. You just can’t make this stuff up. Billions of people around the world are expected to watch Jacko’s last show.

Local LA coverage

Hulu coverage

Yahoo coverage

The star-studded memorial is set to begin soon, and will include Mariah Carey, Jennifer Hudson, Magic Johnson, Smokey Robinson and John Mayer, Brooke Shields, Usher, Stevie Wonder, Motown’s Berry Gordy and Lakers star Kobe Bryant.

Michael Jackson’s Kids Not Biologically His; Not Legally Adopted

Bombshell news is breaking tonight that Michael Jackson is NOT the biological father of his three children, nor were they legally adopted by him! Debbie Rowe, long thought to be the biological mother of Jackson’s oldest two children, was really just a surrogate mother who carried another woman’s eggs… fertilized by a father who was not Michael Jackson. Jackson’s youngest child was conceived by a different set of egg and sperm donors. TMZ is reporting that none of the three were ever legally adopted by Jackson.

This explosive news is sure to further complicate the already twisted legal consequences of the King of Pop’s death. He died with a 2002 will. We will update this story as more news becomes available.

Michael Jackson’s Drug Destruction


Paramedics’ monitor shows Jackson, a “50 year old male”, was “not breathing at all’ when the 911 call was received. Photo credit: The Sun

In what is a sad but familiar story in Hollywood, another star has likely lost his life due to a prescription drug overdose…facilitated by doctors who function as “drug ATMs” for their clients. Life & Style reports that Michael Jackson was taking a cocktail of up to seven prescription drugs in the months before his death. He allegedly overdosed on Thursday morning after a Demerol injection, causing respiratory and cardiac arrest.

A Jackson family lawyer told CNN he “feared” the drugs could kill the pop star. The star had been taking prescription painkillers including anti-anxiety drugs Xanax, Zoloft and painkiller Demerol in recent months, according to sources close to Jackson.

Demerol is a powerful, morphine-like painkiller that is highly addictive. It is often reserved for hospital/surgery usage, but can be legally prescribed for pain. Why the Demerol injection? There are reports that Jackson had a broken bone in his leg, but was still rehearsing for his upcoming tour.

What is unclear is why his in-house physicians didn’t have (or use) reversal agents such as Narcan (for opiates like Demerol) and Flumazenil (for benzodiazepines like Xanax.) Jackson’s drug use was well-known, and, like Anna Nicole Smith, was facilitated by compliant health-care professionals.

The Sun is reporting that an emergency room source at UCLA Hospital said Jackson’s aides told medics he had collapsed after a Demerol injection. A Jackson source said: “Shortly after taking the Demerol he started to experience slow shallow breathing. His breathing gradually got slower and slower until it stopped.”

L.A. police would not confirm claims that Jackson had been administered the injection, but last night family spokesman Brian Oxman, alluded to “abuse of medications” while speaking to CNN minutes before Jackson’s death was confirmed.

Oxman confirmed Jackson’s leg injury, and said there were discussions that one day “he is going to be dead”. He went on to detail concerns about Michael’s drug use. He revealed that:

“This family has been trying for months and months and months to take care of Michael Jackson. I do not know the extent of medications he was taking but reports we are receiving from his family was that it was extensive.

“It is something that I feared and something that I warned about…it was something I warned people was going to happen and it has happened… there is no smoke without fire.

“It is a case of abuse of medications.”

Authorities have opened up an investigation into Jackson’s death. Was he another Anna Nicole? Snark Food will continue to update this tragic story as more details become available. TMZ’s coverage of the story is here.