Randy Jackson Angry Over Filming of Michael Jackson Funeral

Randy Jackson, brother of Michael Jackson, is furious over filming of the music superstar’s funeral from a media helicopter during the event. The Jackson family allowed a live video feed from the Glendale Forest Lawn Memorial Park as guests arrived to the funeral, but asked it to be cut off when Michael Jackson’s body arrived. However, an unauthorized media helicopter hovered over the funeral and continued to film.


Randy Jackson says the helicopter intrusion “severely disrupted” the memorial service for Michael Jackson. The singer’s brother said he was “dismayed” by the lack of respect from the helicopter filming crew and has requested the media pull any video taken by them.

“We had asked the media to respect the privacy and the sanctity of this event; to give us one moment of privacy to mourn as a family out of the public spotlight,” Randy Jackson said in a statement to the press. “Unfortunately, despite a no-fly zone around Forest Lawn, many media organizations decided to ignore our wishes.”

“I therefore ask today that media organizations airing helicopter footage of the ceremony we held for my brother immediately pull that footage from their air and refrain from airing it in the future.”

Around 200 family, friends and celebrities gathered to pay their last respects to pop icon Michael Jackson at his funeral. Last week, the Los Angeles Coroner’s Office ruled Jackson’s death a homicide by drug overdose. So far, no charges have been made against anyone in the investigation.