Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ Director Shrugs Off Oscar Buzz

Kenny Ortega, the director of the Michael Jackson documentary This Is It, has spoken out about speculation the film might be nominated for an Academy Award.

Michael Jackson: 'This Is It'
Michael Jackson: 'This Is It'

Sony Pictures has received two disappointing blows this week so far in their release of the Michael Jackson This Is It documentary. First, the film as so far generated much lower ticket sales than projected, garnering only $20.1 million so far of the $60 million investment made in the film. Second, Sony Pictures has pulled plans to release the film on DVD in time for the holiday shopping season due to protests from movie theater owners who feared the quick DVD release would damage ticket sales.

In spite of the less than blockbuster success expected for the film, there is some good buzz for Sony Pictures. Speculation This Is It might come away with more than a few award nominations, including an Oscar nod. Unfortunately the film was released too late to be nominated for the Best Documentary category, but it could still be eligible for other Oscar awards, including Best Picture.

This Is It director Kenny Ortega is not lending much weight to the Oscar speculation yet, however. “Awards, Oscars, that’s all great wishful thinking,” Ortega said, according to CBS news. More important for Ortega though was “telling a good story and creating a film for the fans, really enabling them to understand what Michael Jackson had dreamed for them.”

Michael Jackson ‘This Is It Song’ Actually Co-Written by Paul Anka

Just as Michael Jackson‘s new posthumous single “This Is It” was set to be released on the late singer’s website, singer/songwriter Paul Anka was threatening to sue Jackson’s estate. Turns out the new Michael Jackson song was actually recorded 18 years ago by Paul Anka, who co-wrote the song with Jackson in back in the 80’s under the title “I Never Heard.”

Michael Jackson Song

The late pop icon’s estate capitulated immediately when the scandal erupted over the origin of the new single from the upcoming Michael Jackson This Is It documentary movie. Administrators of Michael Jackson’s estate released a statement that Paul Anka would receive 50 percent of the copyright for “This Is It” – a coup that could reap millions for Anka.

Paul Anka told TMZ.com that he and Jackson did the song together for inclusion on Anka’s 1983 album Walk A Fine Line, but the song was later dropped. Anka says Michael Jackson stole the master tapes of the song from him. Later, Anka said he gave the song to a Latin singer named Sa-Fire.

The revelation of the song’s past is an embarrassing blow to Sony Music. The company has widely promoted the “This Is It” single as a previously unrecorded, original song by Michael Jackson. The Jackson estate will also suffer badly for their mistake, losing out on a hefty chunk of change that now belongs to Paul Anka.

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Michael Jackson ‘This Is It’ Song Debuts Online Monday

The headline track from the new Michael Jackson movie This Is It will debut online Monday. “This Is It,” the first single from the upcoming documentary soundtrack will be released Monday on MichaelJackson.com.

Michael Jackson Song

A two-disc set featuring songs performed in the Michael Jackson documentary film This Is It will be released on October 27. The Michael Jackson movie This Is It premieres on October 28 and runs for two weeks. Tickets for the film are pretty much sold out across the board. The songs on the soundtrack will be in the same order they play in the film.

The documentary film features tons of footage from Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for his planned comeback London tour. Jackson died on June 25 at his Los Angeles home from a drug overdose.

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Michael Jackson Funeral Postponed, Movie Moved Up

The date for Michael Jackson‘s funeral has been pushed back to September 3rd, the Jackson family has announced. Michael’s father, Joe Jackson, leaked the news earlier this week that the burial was scheduled to be held on what would have been the pop icon’s 51st birthday, August 29th.


Initially the Jackson family confirmed the funeral for Michael Jackson would take place on August 19th. Then it was rumored the date had changed to August 31. The family released an official statement on Friday saying the service would be pushed back to September 3rd. No reason was given for the move. Michael Jackson’s body will be interred at Glendale, California’s exclusive Lawn Memorial Park Great Mausoleum.

Meanwhile, the release of the Michael Jackson movie documentary This Is It has been moved up to October 28. The film, which features footage of Jackson rehearsing for his London comeback tour, will play in theaters for a limited run of two weeks. Tickets for the movie go on sale September 27.

As for the date on which people will actually let Michael Jackson finally rest in peace, we estimate that to be sometime between never and a snowball’s chance in hell.

Judge Gives Go Ahead for Michael Jackson Film

A Los Angeles judge has given the go ahead for Columbia Pictures to develop a Michael Jackson movie. In a continuation of the Michael Jackson estate court hearing on Monday, Superior Court Judge Mitchell Beckloff approved the feature film deal brokered between Columbia, the Michael Jackson estate and AEG live.


The planned Michael Jackson film will feature live footage of Michael Jackson provided by concert promoter AEG Live, shot during his final rehearsals for his planned “This is It” comeback tour in London. Videos created for the tour may also be included in the film.

During the Michael Jackson estate court proceedings so far, Judge Beckloff has also granted his approval to other promotional deals featuring the late pop icon, including reprints of his autobiography, posters and other commemorative items.

Michael Jackson’s mother, Katherine Jackson, has been ordered not to reveal information about contracts between AEG Live and the estate. Jackson had requested she be allowed to talk about the contents of the contracts with “regulators or the LAPD,” according to OK Magazine. However, Judge Beckloff ruled Katherine Jackson did not have the right to share what she knows about the contract dealings without a court order.