New Alleged Michael Jackson Love Child Surfaces

If the rumors about Omer Bhatti aren’t enough, another alleged Michael Jackson secret love child has surfaced. A man named Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson showed up in Los Angeles this week demanding a DNA test to prove he is the biological son of Michael Jackson.


The 24-year-old San Francisco resident doesn’t just have the name to back up his claim to be Michael Jackson’s love child, he also came armed with a birth certificate. According to, the birth certificate lists a Michael Joseph Jackson as his father and a woman named Zerline LaVette Dixon as his mother.

Zerline LaVette Dixon allegedly claims she hooked up with Michael Jackson way back when and birthed his spawn on September 23, 1984, according to documents filed in court by Prince Michael Malachi Jet Jackson (what a mouthful!).

The alleged 24-year-old love child and his mother are seeking DNA tests to prove he is Michael Jackson’s son. No photos out there yet, but the man is said to bear a good likeness to Michael Jackson.

Why didn’t the newest alleged Michael Jackson love child show his face before now? Supposedly, Michael Jackson’s family “pressured claimant’s family not to bring the claimant forward to public attention,” according to the filed court documents.

Or maybe, somebody is hoping they’ll get paid off handsomely by Michael Jackson’s estate to STFU without really having to have a DNA test first? Hmmmm.

Does Michael Jackson Have A Secret Love Child?!


July 7: Omer Bhatti (far left) sits beside Rebbie, Janet, Randy, Tito, Marlon, Jackie and Jermaine at the L.A. memorial service.

Things just get stranger by the day in the Michael Jackson saga. Now rumors are flying that the gloved one had a fourth, secret love child who attended his funeral! The young man, 25 year-old dancer Omer Bhatti, sat alongside Jackson’s grieving brothers and sisters during the memorial tribute two weeks ago.


The Sun is reporting that Bhatti is Jackson’s fourth child and that his childhood photos show an uncanny likeness to 7 year-old Blanket, Michael’s youngest “official” child.

Reportedly, Michael told close friends in 2004 that the Norwegian Bhatti was born following a one-night stand in 1984 with Pia Bhatti.

Omer Bhatti is now rumored to be seeking a DNA test to discover the truth. If the test is confirmed, Omar would be Michael’s oldest child, and might join in any contest of Michael’s will. Stay tuned…who knows what the next twist will be in the aftermath of Jackson’s mysterious life and death.

Update: More pictures and footage of Michael’s possible love child.