New Video from Michael Jackson This Is It Rehearsal

New rehearsal video of Michael Jackson preparing for his “This Is It” tour shortly before his death has been released. The video shows Michael Jackson, looking frail, thin and wobbly, rehearsing the song “Human Nature.”


A film featuring footage from Michael Jackson’s rehearsals for his “This Is It” tour in London will open worldwide on Oct 28. To ramp up hype for the This Is It movie, Sony Pictures has released a new bit of video footage from Jackson’s rehearsals for the tour. The footage features Jackson rehearsing dance steps for the song “Human Nature” from the superstar’s hit Thriller album.

While the video shows Jackson’s golden voice was still in fine form, his skeletal appearance and wobbly moves leave no doubt the singer was not in great shape in the months before his sudden death.

It’s hard to believe, after watching this footage, that somebody out there didn’t drag Michael Jackson off to a hospital/rehab facility/psych ward somewhere on sight. Too sad.