Jason Pfeiffer still says he was Michael Jackson’s lover

Last year, Dr. Arnold Klein not only claimed that Michael Jackson was gay, but that the love of his life was a man named Jason Pfeiffer, who worked for Klein when Michael was still alive.  Klein received death threats as a result of the claims, and has recently retracted his statements, saying that he made up the story, and that it’s ridiculous to think that Michael would have been in a relationship with Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer, however, maintains that the story is at least partially true.  While he denies that the relationship was romantically significant to either one of them, he says he most certainly had sexual relations with Michael, and that Klein is now trying to discredit him in case Pfeiffer tries to testify against him.

Michael Jackson’s doctor in big, big trouble

At a preliminary hearing yesterday against Michael Jackson’s physician, a bodyguard who was present when Jackson’s body was found testified that he was told by the physician, Dr. Conrad Murray, not to call 911 right away but to first look for and dispose of some incriminating items that Murray didn’t want police or paramedics to discover.

The bodyguard, Alberto Alvarez, testified that he wasted 21 minutes gathering up syringes and other evidence of Jackson’s propofol overdose before he was finally allowed to call 911.  Frankly, I don’t think it’s looking too good for Dr. Murray, who will very likely be returned to just “Mr. Murray” before he gets sent to prison for involuntary manslaughter.  Mind you, the sentence is only four years, and he’ll probably be out in 18 months.

Justin Bieber makes confusing comment, gives more confusing explanation

Justin Bieber was probably a bit flustered last night with all the awards he won, including artist of the year, and during one of his acceptance speeches he said something that left people a bit bewildered – namely, that none of us would be here if it weren’t for Michael Jackson.

The way he said it, many people thought that Bieber was trying to say that Jackson was some sort of god, responsible for the existence of several billion people, but Bieber laughed at the confusion later and tried to clarify.  He said that he hadn’t meant that Michael was anyone’s father, and that of course we’d all still be here even if it weren’t for Michael.  Glad we got that cleared up, then.

Jackson brother calls fake on Michael Jackson album

Michael Jackson‘s brother Randy has gone crazy on Twitter, saying that not all the tracks on the upcoming Michael album are authentic, and that he’s absolutely certain there are some where the voice is someone other than Michael.  Several experts have analyzed the audio, and have all concluded that the voice is Michael’s, but Randy says that he knows his brother’s voice, and that’s not it on the recording… or at least not all the time.

Randy suggested that perhaps people are just seeing an opportunity to make money off of Michael’s death, and there have been thinly veiled accusations that audio analysis experts can be paid to say whatever Michael’s people want them to say.  Randy remarked that the new album is of mixed quality at best, and that the places where the vocals aren’t complete really show through.

Michael Jackson’s now single is out

In case you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of weeks, you’ve probably already head that there’s a new Michael Jackson album coming out, simply entitled Michael.  The first single from the album, “Hold My Hand,” is out now, and it’s a pretty catchy tune.  It’s a duet with producer and musician Akon, and they seem to blend well together in this collaboration.

Obviously it’s still not going to hold a candle to Michael’s stellar classics of the ’70s and ’80s, but for a dead guy with a finite amount of chart life left, it’s a pretty decent effort.  And of course the sales will be through the roof as this single flies off the shelves – Michael has such a dedicated fan base that they could put out a recording of him coughing and it would go straight to number one.

Add another lawsuit to the Michael Jackson debacle

In latest chapter of the ever-continuing Michael Jackson blame game drama, Michael’s mother Katherine Jackson is now suing AEG Live, Michael Jackson’s promotor, for not holding up their contract obligations to look after the health and well-being of the King of Pop, whose death by overdose was ruled a homicide.  Mrs. Jackson says that if AEG had properly vetted the doctors that were assigned to Michael’s care, someone might have gotten him proper medical treatment instead of just patching him up with enough drugs so that he could make it to the next rehearsal.

To me it’s crazy just how much finger-pointing is going on, especially considering that none of it is going to bring Michael Jackson back.  The demise of Jackson was not something that happened overnight – his life was micromanaged from the time he was a small boy, and no one did anything to alleviate the immense stress of superstardom.  Then when Jackson was old enough and wealthy enough, he made sure he was constantly surrounded by yes-men who would continue to enable the self-destructive behaviors he developed as a response to the pressure he could never escape from.  This went on unimpeded for five decades, and it’s a bit late to be fighting about it now.  Nonetheless, where there’s money to be had, let there be lawsuits

Michael Jackson Glove Sells for $190,000 on Anniversary of His Death

Michael Jackson‘s iconic Swarovski crystal studded glove worn during his 1984 Victory tour sold on Friday for $190,000. The glove sold during an auction of the late King of Pop’s memorabilia in Las Vegas.

Michael Jackson rehearsing for THIS IS IT Tour (AEG)
Michael Jackson rehearsing for THIS IS IT Tour (AEG)

The Michael Jackson glove was originally only estimated to sell for around $30,000. The winning bidder, a Los Angeles resident named Wanda Kelley, apparently wasn’t fazed by the final price. “Let’s just say I wasn’t walking out of here without that glove,” Kelley told the Las Vegas Sun.

Other Michael Jackson memorabilia at the auction also went for hefty prices. The jacket he wore during an interview with Barbara Walters sold for $120,000 and a white Fedora was purchased for over $56,000. A pair of the pop star’s shoes was bought for a whopping $90,000.

We love Michael Jackson as much as the next fan, but we kind of have to cringe at the thought someone would pay more for his dirty shoes than our entire material possessions on this Earth are worth. Ouch.

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