American Idol Contestant Michael Lynche Cut for Top 24 Leak?

American Idol contestant Michael Lynche was allegedly cut from the competition after it was revealed he had made it to the Top 24. No official announcement about Lynche being disqualified has been released from Fox, however, so we’re still taking this rumor with a hefty load of salt.

Michael Lynche SF
Michael Lynche (Photo:

Michael Lynche (aka Big Mike) was reportedly dropped from American Idol after his father told the St. Petersburg Times that his son had made the finals. That’s a big no-no according to American Idol rules, which state contestants and their families cannot reveal Hollywood week results until after the shows are broadcast. Lynch was allegedly replaced in the Top 24 after news he had made it through hit the press. Fox has not commented on the story so far.

Even if this rumor does turn out to be true, all does not seem to be lost for Michael Lynch. The former football player reportedly signed a recording contract with Hood Famous Music and has a page up on their website featuring some of his audio clips.

* Update: Still no official word from Fox that Micheal Lynche has actually been disqualified from the competition, although the network did announce another contestant – Chris Golightly – was dropped from the Top 24 over a contract issue. Lynche was prominently featured during the last few nights of Hollywood week, so it may turn out this whole rumor may turn out to be a comple wash.

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