October 7, 2009

PETA Blasts New Michael Vick Documentary Series

Animal rights group PETA is pissed off after hearing the news convicted dog abuser Michael Vick will be starring in a new documentary series about his life on BET. Just two weeks after his first NFL game after being released from prison, Vick has landed a deal to star in an eight-part series on BET […]

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September 24, 2008

Chris Rock On Bill Clinton & The View, Alaska And Moose

Ahhh, the economy is BEYOND being in the crapper. It is CRISIS TIME!!! The boyz on the Hill are talking “Great Depression”, “Pearl Harbor”, “Global Meltdown.” And there ain’t shit we little people can do about it. Unless you’re a damn good survivalist! We can’t find freakin’ gas in Nashville! So… here’s a bit of […]

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