Jason Pfeiffer still says he was Michael Jackson’s lover

Last year, Dr. Arnold Klein not only claimed that Michael Jackson was gay, but that the love of his life was a man named Jason Pfeiffer, who worked for Klein when Michael was still alive.  Klein received death threats as a result of the claims, and has recently retracted his statements, saying that he made up the story, and that it’s ridiculous to think that Michael would have been in a relationship with Pfeiffer.

Pfeiffer, however, maintains that the story is at least partially true.  While he denies that the relationship was romantically significant to either one of them, he says he most certainly had sexual relations with Michael, and that Klein is now trying to discredit him in case Pfeiffer tries to testify against him.

Michael Jackson Gay Accusations Spur Death Threats

Two men who claim Michael Jackson was gay have become the targets of death threats from outraged fans and supporters of the late pop icon. Dr. Arnie Klein, Michael Jackson’s dermatologist, claims the singer had a gay relationship with his office manager Jason Pfeiffer. Both men say they have received “horrible death threats” since they went public about the alleged gay relationship. 

Michael Jackson 'This Is It' (AEG)
Michael Jackson 'This Is It' (AEG)

In an interview with Extra on April 29, Jason Pfeiffer alleged he had “passionate and sexual” relationship with Michael Jackson starting in 2008. The following day, Dr. Arnie Klein came out in support of Pfeiffer’s claim, telling TMZ.com that Michael Jackson was gay and the singer’s office manager was “the love of his life.”

Jason Pfeiffer
Jason Pfeiffer

“We definitely hit it off the first time we met,” Pfeiffer told Extra. The two allegedly met at Dr. Klein’s office and their relationship became intimate a few months later. “I just assumed that he was probably bisexual,” Pfeiffer said. “I know we loved each other, I know he told me that all the time. I believe that he was probably my soul mate.”

Klein told TMZ.com he went public with his claim to help dispel rumors that Jackson was a pedophile. He also claims Jackson “was not ashamed of his sexuality.” In his interview with Extra, Pfeiffer said he wanted to “set the record straight” because Michael Jackson “would have approved.”

Both Dr. Arnie Klein and Jason Pfeiffer said they have received “horrible death threats” since they went public with statements that Michael Jackson was gay. The threats have been reported to the FBI and both men have hired on bodyguards.

We think if Michael Jackson was gay, or bisexual – or whatever – and he really had wanted people to know, he would have said it himself. In our opinion, Klein and Pfeiffer are basically just fame whores trying to make themselves feel more important by invoking Jackson’s name to get media attention.  Well, they got our attention alright and we’re calling them out for being total asshats.

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