Jesse James Mistress Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee a Nazi Lover?

When we heard the rumor that Jesse James had cheated on wife Sandra Bullock with tattoo model Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee, we thought it had to be crazy talk. Then James actually came out and apologized in the press for his ‘poor judgment’ and we just felt sad and betrayed for the Oscar-winning actress. Now it turns out Jesse James’ mistress Michelle McGee is apparently not only a stripper and adult web-cam girl, she may also be a white supremacist Nazi lover!

Michelle McGee Nazi photo shoot (Source:
Michelle McGee Nazi photo shoot (Source:

Can this story get any more sordid or weird? It’s bad enough Jesse James allegedly cheated on all-American girl Sandra Bullock with a girl who has “Pray for Us Sinners” tattooed across her forehead. Not that we have issues with tattooed ladies (we quite like them) or strippers or adult industry workers – everyone has to make a living. But we do have serious issues with a woman who doesn’t mind posing for a Nazi-loving themed photo shoot, which Michelle McGee apparently did with gusto!

Not only that, but Michelle ‘Bombshell’ McGee reportedly has a “W” and a “P” tattooed on her legs to represent the words “White Power”. In court documents filed by her ex-husband, Shane Modica, McGee also allegedly enjoys using the Nazi salute in front of her child and would sometimes rearrange her fridge magnets to spell out white supremacist sayings.

Talk about slumming in the gutters Mr. James!

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