July 8, 2013

Amanda Bynes Crazy Continues: Slams Obamas, Shows Off Huge Weight Loss

Former child star Amanda Bynes’ insane antics continue and there seems to be no end in sight. For her latest bit of crazy, Amanda took to Twitter once again to rant about how she thinks President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are “ugly” and to rave about her rapid weight loss.

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February 11, 2013

Pope Benedict XVI To Resign Due To Age And Lack Of Energy, Video

Pope Benedict XVI to resign due to age and lack of energy, video below. Recognizing what he described as his failing strength of “mind and body,” Pope Benedict XVI announced Monday that he would step down as head of the Catholic church, the first pontiff to give up his duties since 1415. “After having repeatedly examined […]

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January 6, 2010

Michelle Obama PETA Ad Not Approved by First Lady

Animal rights organization PETA is in some trouble with the White House for using an image of First Lady Michelle Obama in one of their advertisements without her approval. The ‘Fur-Free and Fabulous!’ ad features Michelle Obama alongside Oprah Winfrey, Carrie Underwood and Tyra Banks.

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June 10, 2009

Crimes Against Fashion: Michelle Obama Edition

Rarely is Snarkista speechless, but today she’s pretty damn close. Behold Michelle Obama in London, one of the fashion capitols of the world. Unfortunately, Miss Thang appears to have run through the notions department at Fabrics-R-Us following a vicious glue-gun fight. “But,” you may say, “perhaps she was visiting Piccadilly Circus, and was tripped up […]

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August 25, 2008

Will Michelle Obama Make A Baby Announcement Tonight?

Speculation is keen today that Michelle Obama is pregnant. Rush Limbaugh speculated on the topic this morning on his show…and wondered if Michelle may make an announcement during her speech tonight at the Democrats’ National Convention. The pic on the left shows Michelle in March, the pic on the right is from yesterday. She’s definitely […]

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July 14, 2008

Cover Crimes: Barack Obama Edition

The upcoming issue of the New Yorker, the July 21st issue, has a picture of Barack Obama, depicting him and wife Michelle on the cover. It shows Michelle with an Afro and an AK 47. and the two of them doing the fist bump. Barack is looking quite Middle Eastern, and is sporting some kind […]

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