Marie Claire blogger apologizes for hateful article

A blogger for fashion magazine Marie Claire has found herself in hot water after posting an article to the Marie Claire blog saying that the sight of fat people grosses her out, and that she doesn’t think shows like Mike & Molly have any place on television.  I’m not sure what sort of reaction she expected from that, given that one, more than 65% of the American population are overweight and probably don’t like being called gross, two, Mike & Molly is one of the most popular shows of the new season, and three, bullying is a really touchy topic right now.

As you can imagine, the post got over 1,500 comments and counting, almost entirely overwhelmingly negative, and Marie Claire magazine says it has received almost 30,000 complaints from people who don’t find any kind of blanket hate speech acceptable.  The blogger has now apologized for her words, and blames her warped perspective on the fact that she has struggled with anorexia her entire life.