Teen Choice Awards Miley Cyrus Pole Dancing Video Backlash

The backlash is building over teen star Miley Cyrus‘ pole dancing performance at the Teen Choice Awards Monday night. The Miley Cyrus pole dancing video has sparked outrage from some who claim it was age-inappropriate for the 16-year-old star’s fans and backhanded criticism from Cyrus’ main money-making employer – Disney.


Who knows what Miley Cyrus was thinking when she dawned short shorts and biker boots for the Teen Choice Awards and then decided to engage in a racy pole dance during her performance of “Party in the U.S.A.” Surrounded by scantily clad dancers, Miley briefly showed off her pseudo-stripping skills to the delight – and horror – of the Teen Choice Awards audience.

Backlash over the routine was near instantaneous. Not only are some of Cyrus fans (and their parents) upset over the pole dancing, but Disney seems none too pleased either.

According to Newsday.com, a rep for the company said the “Disney Channel won’t be commenting on the performance.” In what can only be perceived as a backhanded slap at Miley Cyrus over the incident, the rep went on to assure parents that they can “rest assured that all content presented on the Disney Channel is age-appropriate for our audience… and consistent with what our brand values are.”

What do you think? Over the top? Or just standard fare for today’s teen icons?