Miley Cyrus Stalker Mark McLeod Arrested Again

Alleged Miley Cyrus stalker Mark McLeod has been arrested again after he was seen hanging around near the area where the Disney star is filming her new movie The Last Song.


53-year-old Mark McLeod was taken into custody after violating orders to stay away from Miley Cyrus when he was seen on Tybee Island, GA trying to get into the film set.

McLeod, who previously told police he was secretly engaged to Cyrus, was arrested back in June for stalking the star. The crazed stalker claimed during his first arrest that Cyrus sent him “secret messages” of love through her TV show and nothing could stop them from “being together.”

McLeod is being held in Columbia County, GA and will be taken to Chatham County to face charges in this second stalking incident.