Miley Cyrus Doesn’t Get Her Birthday Off

As you probably know, Miley Cyrus had her Sweet Sixteen party at Disneyland the other day. Of course, it wasn’t like a normal Sweet Sixteen birthday party. No way. Miley’s a daily money-machine, so why should her birthday be any different?

5000 fans bought $250 tickets to “Come to Miley’s Party.” And they needed to get SOMETHING for their money, ‘cuz there’s no way Miley would be riding rides with them. I mean, come ON. Guests like Tyra Banks, Jennie Garth and Steve Carrell weren’t why they came either. There’s a decent chance Miley’s fans don’t have a clue who THEY are.

So, billionairess-to-be Miley had to costume up and sing for her masses, pose for photo ops with other teen stars, autograph Hannah Montana shizz, and shake her money-maker for the papz. Just like any other day! After all, this WAS an early birthday bash. Miley’s still 15. But, she’s dating a 20-year old. Way to go mom and dad! And Happy, er, Workday, Miley.