Miley Cyrus YouTube Rap Good-bye to Twitter

Miley Cyrus shocked fans and dad Billy Ray Cyrus by deleting her Twitter account earlier this week, allegedly at the request of rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth. Now Miley Cyrus has launched a YouTube rap video to explain her sudden departure to her fans.


When Miley Cyrus quit Twitter earlier this week, her legions of fans immediately started a #mileycomeback campaign on Twitter calling for her return. Even dad Billy Ray Cyrus got into the act, begging his daughter to reconsider her exit from Twitter. Alas, @MileyCyrus remains dark.

In response to the cries from her fans for her return, Miley Cyrus launched a YouTube video rap this weekend to explain her decision to delete her Twitter account. Although rumored boyfriend Liam Hemsworth has sort of taken the blame for her departure, Cyrus says the real reason behind her Twitter good-bye is because she wants to keep her private life private.

which she decided to tell her fans very publicly via YouTube. Check out the Miley Cyrus YouTube rap video for yourself below:

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