Miley Cyrus: Not Dead AGAIN, Hacked AGAIN

Dang, Miley- pick some stronger passwords, girl! Miley Cyrus was the subject of a death rumor AGAIN yesterday…this time someone hacked her YouTube channel and posted a video (since removed) saying she had died.

“Miley died this morning after being hit by a drunk driver. She always told us if anything ever happened to her then tell her loyal fans first before the public. R.I.P Miley, we’ll never forget you!”

As of last night, Miley couldn’t get back into her YouTube, but issued a statement that she’s OK. The hacker hasn’t been caught. Lesson to the public: Don’t believe celebrity “death” rumors you hear on Sundays. Lesson to Miley: Don’t use your name, your birthday, your dog’s name, Nick Jonas’ name or anything else that is a no-brainer for hackers. You’ve been making it so tempting for them that they can’t help themselves! Also, please never wear this fugly hibiscus dress again.