Miley Cyrus Smokes Joint, Twerks Little Person on Stage at EMAs [VIDEO]

We have to be somewhat amazed that Amanda Bynes is currently undergoing psychiatric rehab and yet Miley Cyrus is allowed to roam free. We really don’t get why Miley Cyrus rubbing her groin on a giant furry or twerking a little person on stage is supposedly ‘normal’ when Amanda Bynes’ random behavior considered insane. Seriously, whatever drugs they think Amanda needs to be on — can we please have a double dose for Miley?

Miley Cyrus 5

Either Miley Cyrus has lost her mind or she honestly just is such an attention ***** that she’ll do the most offensive things she can think of just to prevent herself from fading out of the limelight. If her vulgar twerking and tongue wagging at the VMAs wasn’t enough, she went even more tawdry at Sunday night’s EMAs. Of course, it’s okay if Miley acts crazy because she’s still popular, wealthy and famous, unlike Amanda.

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Best and Worst Celebrity Halloween Costumes: Miley Cyrus, Matt Lauer and More

The overwhelming celebrity Halloween costume theme this year seems to be dressing up like other celebrities. In particular, it seems like everyone wanted to work their own version of Miley Cyrus’ now infamous MTV Video Music Awards ‘twerking’ outfit. If there is anything we really wanted to see less than Kelly Ripa dressed as Miley Cyrus, though, it was Miley Cyrus dressed as Lil Kim.

Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim
Miley Cyrus as Lil Kim: Source – Instagram

The worst dressed vote for celebrity Halloween costumers this year, however, goes to Matt Lauer made up as Pamela Anderson from Baywatch. We will never be able to unsee that image. Seriously, we are feeling the need for some eyeball bleach after seeing Matt Lauer with boobs.

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Britney Rings in a New Decade

Britney turns 30?! How did that happen? We swear she was just 21, in all her poppy princess glory. Yes, we’ve chosen to block out the intervening hot mess, head-shaving, baby-rearing, meltdown-having years. And fortunately she appears to have somewhat emerged on the other side. (Let that be a lesson to you Lindsay Lohan!)

Britney celebrated in a relatively simple way – by ice skating with her boyfriend in Houston. Of course, nothing is ever totally simple for a celeb right of passage. Meanwhile, her famous friends were sending her well-wishes and homemade videos. Kim Kardashian sent her wish via a video on Celebuzz: “Happy birthday to the beautiful Miss Britney Spears! Welcome to the 30’s club, Brit!!”

Lady Gaga, Justin Beieber, Rihanna, Katy Perry, Ke$ha, Heidi Klum, Miley Cyrus, Ryan Seacrest and many other sent their fond regards, which Britney no doubt enjoyed reading while hanging out  with her sons Preston, 6, and Jayden, 5.

Britney goes back to South America Saturday for her tour, playing a free show in Mexico City this weekend.


Is Miley Cyrus into Drugs?

We’re hoping that this Disney star isn’t going the way of Lindsay Lohan. Miley Cyrus hosted a birthday party for herself at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles last week. The cake? A tribute to Bob Marley. The teen sensation could’ve just let the buck stop there and have people assuming she was really into reggae or “one love.” But she took it a step further when she said: “You know you’re a stoner when friends make you a Bob Marley cake. You know you smoke way too much fucking weed.”

Rumer Willis and Kelly Osborne were among those in attendance at the party – so make what you will of the diversity of Miley’s choice in friends. Osborne has since taken to Twitter to defend her friend, but the source who leaked the footage said it’s common knowledge in Miley’s circle that she is, in fact a stoner.  Given that it’s an anonymous source, we’ll take that with a grain of salt. Still, there’s definitely something fishy – or should we say, hazy – going on here.


Miley Cyrus has a great life

She’s worth a ton of money, her parents are back together after a divorce scare, and now she’s going on tour – pretty much everything is going well for Miley Cyrus at the moment.  Salvia incidents aside, the Disney star seems to be doing things right, and she’s even going to feature in an incredibly awkward duet with Bret Michaels.

Yes, the man who nearly split her parents up.  The record will be released later this year.  It’s a cover of “Every Rose Has Its Thorn,” which wasn’t all that great the first time around, but with Miley having the Midas touch recently, it just might be a gigantic hit for her and Bret Michaels.

Miley Cyrus apparently made of money

It seems teenybopper Miley Cyrus has suddenly realized just how much money she has, and is determined to spend it all as quickly as possible.  Miley has spent over $1 million in 2011 alone, mostly on clothes, restaurants, and expensive weekends away.  Most recently, she’s spent nearly half a million on part ownership of a private jet, and friends say that there seems to be no end in sight to this spending spree.

I guess no one has told her that eventually the money runs out unless she manages to make some more – royalties will only take her so far, and it remains to be seen how marketable she will remain as she gets older and loses her childhood cuteness.

Celebrities being hacked left and right

A ring of email hackers has decided to attack female celebrities, most notably actresses and gymnasts. Two Olympic gymnasts have had their private email accounts hacked, and actresses like Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, and Miley Cyrus have all had nude photos stolen from their inboxes.

Investigators with the FBI have been looking into the case, and apparently they claim to know who is heading up the hacking efforts, but they have not made any arrests yet.  No word on why – perhaps they’re waiting to catch the perpetrator in the act?  In any case, there may be more nude photos of female celebs in our future if this is left to continue for much longer.