Milla Jovovich Sets Wedding Date with Fiance Paul Anderson

Actress and model Milla Jovovich is finally getting married – again. Jovovich and British director Paul Anderson plan to marry on August 22 in an “intimate wedding” ceremony at their home in Hollywood.


The couple, who have been engaged for six years, originally intended on marrying in 2007 but wedding plans were postponed when Jovovich became pregnant.

Paul W. S. Anderson wrote and directed Resident Evil, in which Milla Jovovich starred, and the two fell for each other on the set in 2002. The couple became engaged in 2003 but then hit a rocky patch and broke up. After eventually reconciling, the engagement was back on and Jovovich gave birth to the couple’s first child, Eve, in late 2007.

“We’re having an intimate wedding with a classical Spanish band at our house in the Hollywood Hills,” Jovovich stated, according to the San Francisco Chronicle. “Paul’s family are flying in from England.”

The third time is supposed to be the charm. Let’s hope so when Milla Jovovich marries Paul Anderson. Jovovich was previously married to Dazed and Confused co-star Shawn Andrews and The Fifth Element director Luc Besson. Let’s hope that she’s found the right guy this time and doesn’t flake out for the next hot co-star or director she works with.