Mindy McCready’s Gettin Out, Wants A Drink

Oh, Mindy, Mindy, Mindy. Country music’s #1 trainwreck Mindy McCready is getting out of jail early… tomorrow in fact! Just in time for Halloween! Mindy’s been in the pokey because she violated her probation. She falsified her community service records. Snarkista doesn’t have time right now to explain ALL of Mindy’s troubles with the law. You truly need a map and some serious free time.

Mindy puts the dumb in blonde, ‘cuz she’s let everyone know what she’s gonna do as soon as she gets out tomorrow. She wants a Bloody Mary! Now, Mindy’s gotten in trouble with the spirits before, and not the kind that come out on Halloween. She’s been locked up in Williamson County, Tennessee…where the law is KNOWN for busting you first and asking questions later. They particularly like popping people for DUI’s. Smart, Mindy!

Mindy also wants to go costume shopping, ‘cuz she is gonna PAR-TAY tomorrow night. She better get herself a cab or a designated driver, as the Williamson County police are quite familiar with Miss McCready! They have her picture with a superimposed target on it in every squad car. So congrats on getting sprung early, Mindy. Lets see if you can stay out of trouble for a few weeks this time.