Mindy McCready Says She’s Sorry For Roger Clemens Affair

Mindy McCready admits she had an affair with married baseball star Roger Clemens, when she was a teenager, that she has “lived life recklessly” and made a lot of mistakes. Ya think? Jailbird Mindy’s been arrested and jailed for so many crimes you need a map to keep up with them. Literally.
Mindy was spilling her guts after a trip to California to check out reality-show projects. Snarkista can think of quite a few Mindy would be great in. Intervention is the first one that comes to mind! Mindy blabbed to Inside Edition that her affair (denied by Clemens- for obvious statutory rape reasons) ended because she wanted him to leave his wife, Debbie. Mistake, Mindy. In addition to the statutory rape problem, cheaters rarely leave their wives when they’re gettin’ the teenage milk for free on the side.
Mindy backstroked with the New York Daily News saying she “never wanted to marry” Clemens.

“He should have done right by his family—if a person is unhappy in their marriage and spending all their personal time with someone else, you need to do right by your marriage,” she told the newspaper. “He should have just told Debbie and been honest with her. If he didn’t want to be with her and wanted to be with me, he should have told her.”

Clemens has DE-NIED that anything sexual happened with Mindy at ANY time, (CYA) and, in responding to Mindy’s claims, has only issued a statement acknowledging that he has “made mistakes in his personal life for which he is sorry.”

Mindy DOES say she’s sorry for any pain she caused Roger’s wife Debbie Clemens.

“I have nothing but remorse and nothing but sympathy for what she’s had to go through with this situation, and she has my utmost apology,” she told Inside Edition. And to the Daily News: “I would apologize to her and say I was young. I now know better.”

Mindy may know better about having teenage affairs with married men, but it remains to be seen if she knows better about generally breaking the law! Look for Mindy to appear on a reality show near you…maybe it will be a new one called Addicted To Jail.