Mindy McCready Overdose Report: Mom Overreacted Singer Says

As we reported earlier, country singer Mindy McCready was taken to the hospital Tuesday morning from her mother’s home in Fort Meyers, FL. Early reports suggested McCready may have overdosed on prescription medications. McCready has previously allegedly attempted suicide multiple times.

Mindy McCready (publicity photo)
Mindy McCready (publicity photo)

McCready’s rep reportedly told TMZ.com that his client did not overdose on anything, but just had a bad reaction to a medication. According to Young, McCready’s mother “overreacted” when the singer told her she wasn’t feeling well after taking Darvocet for pain from a broken toe.

“She’s totally coherent,” Young said. “She can’t believe her mom did this.” Young also implied that McCready’s mother may have called 911 as a power play in a custody dispute over the singer’s son. The two are currently embroiled in a custody battle over the boy.

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Country Music Singer Mindy McCready Hospitalized in Possible Overdose?

Country music singer Mindy McCready was rushed to the hospital Tuesday morning in Fort Meyers, Florida. Details are still sketchy, but early reports suggest a possible drug overdose. McCready has allegedly attempted to commit suicide multiple times in the past.

Mindy McCready mug shot
Mindy McCready mug shot

Emergency personnel were reportedly called to the home of McCready’s mother around 10:45 AM on Tuesday. According to WINKNews.com, McCready’s mother said the former country music star was alert and talking when the fire department arrived on scene. McCready was transported by ambulance to Cape Coral Hospital. Her condition is currently unknown.

Mindy McCready was previously hospitalized in December of 2008 after an alleged suicide attempt. According to police reports, McCready’s brother said she took pills after a drunken night out and slashed her wrists open.

McCready also allegedly attempted to kill herself in July of 2005 after her ex-boyfriend, Billy McKnight, was arrested for attempted murder after beating and choking her. McCready once again allegedly attempted to commit suicide that September by overdosing on antidepressants while pregnant with McKnight’s child.

McCready, who has also appeared on Celebrity Rehab, has recently been embroiled in a battle with porn distributor Vivid Entertainment over a sex tape video allegedly featuring her and a boyfriend. On the tape, McCready reportedly discusses an alleged affair with Red Sox pitcher Roger Clemens.

>> Update: Mindy McCready Overdose Report: Mom Overreacted Singer Says

Right Now In Nashville: Mindy McCready Attempts Suicide

Troubled country singer Mindy McCready has had a bad couple of years. She continued her downward spiral Wednesday as she for an apparent attempted suicide. Mindy, whose youthful affair with pitcher Roger Clemens came to light in April, was taken to a Nashville-area hospital to be treated for wounds on her wrists. “We responded to a ’10-63,’ that’s a suicidal person call,” Nashville Police Department spokeswoman Kris Mumford said. “Mindy McCready was at the house.”

McCready was hospitalized in 2005 after swallowing a near-fatal dose of pills, chased with wine. In July she overdosed on drugs and alcohol, which sent her to the emergency room at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. She later checked into rehab. In October, McCready spent 31 days in jail for violating the terms of her probation from a 2004 guilty plea for fraudulently obtaining painkillers.

Somebody please commit Mindy and get her the help she needs. Her public troubles with the law, drugs and alcohol are huge cries for assistance. Albeit of her own doing, her life truly mirrors a country song. It’s one of the saddest ever.