Missing New Mexico Boy Robbie Romero May Still Be Alive After 11 Years

Missing New Mexico boy Robbie Romero, who vanished in 2000, may still be alive and well 11 years after his disappearance. An 18-year-old teenager identifying himself as Robert Terrezas told police he believes he may be Robbie Romero, who was seven-years-old when he went missing.

“If this is Robbie Romero I think I would be ecstatic for the family that they found their missing child,” Santa Fe Police Lt. Louis Carlos told NBC affiliate KOB in Sante Fe. “Again, we have to … take a step back and let people do their job.”

“In this particular case, we have a gentleman that matches the age, he is saying that he is Robbie Romero, he gave us a statement of his whereabouts these past 11 years and we’ll look into it,” Carlos said. “Now it’s our job to support or debunk his statement.”Romero vanished in June of 2002 during a walk home from a friend’s house. The boy’s older brother, Ronnie Romero, was a suspect in his disappearance but was never charged. Ronnie Romero died in prison on unrelated charges in 2009 of a herion overdose.

Teenager Robert Terrezas reportedly told his friend Ricky Romero, another brother
of Robbie Romero, that he had trouble remembering his childhood and thought he might be the missing boy. Ricky Romero reported the conversation to his mother, Evelyn Romero, who immediately called police. Robert Terrezas has reportedly cooperated with police and allowed his DNA to be taken in an attempt to confirm his identity.

“I have no idea, I have no idea,” Evelyn Romero told KOB. “I can see the resemblance and his mannerisms but I wonder if that’s me just wanting it so bad, him being alive and well.”

The disappearance of Robbie Romero has been treated as a homicide by Sante Fe police but a body was never found. No arrests were ever made in the case.