Controversy surrounds America’s Got Talent contestant

This story is bound to have an shocking ending no matter how it turns out… singing hopeful Joe Finley, who was recently staying at a hotel in Los Angeles while preparing for his America’s Got Talent audition, is now being questioned by police.  Finley’s wife, Laura, went missing several hours before Finley was due to audition, but instead of looking for her, he simply had the hotel page her, and then left the hotel.

Police intercepted him for questioning but eventually let him go to his audition.  Laura’s body was found in a stairwell in the hotel, and police are now very interested in finding out exactly what happened in those final hours of her life.  Finley says he believes his wife was murdered, but denies any involvement.  Oh, and he says he and his wife were high on ecstasy when she disappeared.  The plot thickens.