Katie Holmes Has A Mystery “Mister X”

Katie Holmes has been hanging out between her Broadway All My Sons duties with a handsome mystery man. The cast and crew call him “Mister X”. And the “X” doesn’t stand for Xenu! Katie seems to have somehow escaped the death grip of Tommy, and has found time to chill with a normal male person.

A crew member went over one day, while Katie and “X” were having coffee. They chatted for a few minutes, but Katie didn’t introduce her friend. And “a friend” is what Katie is calling him, (duh, she’s not stupid) but he’s still causing whispers around the theater. Ya know? Katie needs a normal male friend. She hasn’t had one of those in YEARS. Here’s to “Mister X” for being brave enough to risk the wrath of Xenu and his minions, and give Katie some decent company. Bravo!