Lady Gaga Amy Winehouse Movie Rumor Not True, Dad Says

While the late Amy Winehouse‘s life would certainly make one hell of a movie, the British singer’s dad says rumors of an upcoming biopic film possibly featuring Lady Gaga are not true. In fact, Mitch Winehouse said the family would never allow his daughter’s songs to be released to be used for a movie.

Rumors that Winehouse’s ex Reg Traviss has been trying to produce a film about the singer have contributed to fanning the flames about a possible Amy Winehouse movie. The specific rumor of a biopic movie possibly starring Lady Gaga as Amy Winehouse appears to have been spawned by the UK Mirror tabloid.

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Dad Thinks Amy Winehouse New Boobs Are Great

There are some things a father should just avoid saying about his daughter. Mitch Winehouse managed to violate that rule spectacularly when he recently boasted daughter Amy Winehouse‘s new boobs are awesome.


In an interview on the British TV Show This Morning, Mitch Winehouse suffered an extreme moment of lack of taste by saying his daughter was doing “Fantastic,” and then adding, “Her boobs are great as well.”

Realizing quickly that he himself sounded like a great boob, Winehouse said sheepishly, “I shouldn’t have said that should I?” Um. No.

At least daddy Winehouse said he didn’t pay for his daughter’s new breasts, which would have been even more seriously disturbing. Though he did basically call Amy Winehouse a mooch. “Whenever I see her, she says, ‘Dad can you give me a couple of hundred.’ [But] I didn’t have to pay for the boobs.”

Personally, we don’t agree with Mitch Winehouse and his aberrant opinion of his daughter’s boobs.  Before the new boobs, Amy Winehouse just usually looked like a wasted crack whore. Now she looks like a wasted crack whore who stole Anna Nicole Smith‘s boobs. Not an improvement. We’d demand a refund.

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Amy Winehouse Got Trashed And Went To The Hospital Again

amy-winehouse-s-lucia-permAmy Wino’s been terrorizing the Caribbean isle of St. Lucia while attempting some DIY rehab. Except in Amy’s rehab you get to smoke pot and drink. Amy majorly overtreated herself and turned into a “shaking mess”, necessitating a trip to the hospital.

A source told The Sun that: “she looked in a terrible state, a shaking mess. The people with her were very concerned.”

A spokesman for Amy admitted she was in hospital. He said she had run out of a drug replacement she has been using. No weed in the Caribbean?! Must be climate change.

Wino always takes a licking that would kill a normal person, but she keeps on (literally) kicking. When she sneezes, it snows in the Caribbean. Ganja men get ready, because Amy’s doing great and she’ll be busting out of the hospital soon! And she’s out of weed. Remember the kicking part.

Amy Winehouse: This Is Your Weave On Drugs

LATEST UPDATE: Amy Winehouse Autopsy Reveals Little About Singer’s Death

Damn. ALL the bees have left the ‘hive. Amy Winehouse crawled out last night to “DJ” again. She was 2 hours late. People were pissed, and a lot of them left. Amy was effed up. Amy was hanging with the crackies of Babyshambles. Why does this feel like deja-vu?

Amy’s gonna be 25 tomorrow. Amy may be 25 forever. Replace the fried-egg “this is your brain on drugs” ad with this pic of Amy. It’s gonna work a HELL of a lot better than that damn egg! If this doesn’t scare the shizz out of anyone who wants to give crack, or meth, or heroin, or 48 bottles of Jack Daniels a whirl…nothing will.
Try some Binaural Beats instead!

This public service announcement is courtesy of Amy fuggin’ Wino.

Amy Winehouse May Never Recover

LATEST UPDATE: Amy Winehouse Autopsy Reveals Little About Singer’s Death

A friend of Amy Winehouse’s has spilled shocking new details of Amy’s drug use to UK’s The Sun. Amy is said to have had 2 major overdoses, binged on crystal meth and may have brain damage after a 36 hour hash marathon. The friend says that Amy convulsed so badly during her overdoses that it was “like a scene from The Exorcist”.

Doctors reportedly have warned Amy and her family that one more overdose will probably kill her. Her first overdose in August of last year was from cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, ketamine and crystal meth. Holy effin’ crap. Ketamine too? Snarkista supposes we shouldn’t be surprised about anything Amy puts into her body, but damn. Veterinary drugs.

In July, Amy had a second overdose when, according to her friend, she “inhaled an inhuman amount of hash that left her vomiting uncontrollably and hallucinating”. This was when Amy was rushed to the hospital in London, and her father Mitch later said she’d had a “bad reaction” to medication. No detail on what medication she was on, but it was quite possibly methadone. Mitch’s initial reaction at the time was more TRUTHFUL, saying that “Amy’s f***ed up.”

Her friend says that doctors are worried Amy’s brain was seriously damaged by the hash overdose, and that she displayed symptoms normally associated with schizophrenia. She told The Sun yesterday that:

“The future is bleak, bleak, bleak. She had smoked an inhuman amount of hash which resulted in acute cannabis poisoning. You have to take a s***load of pot to suffer that severe a reaction. It’s thought she had been smoking it for 36 hours. Amy’s fits were as bad as the convulsions she had during her overdose in August last year. No one has mentioned her meth use before – but that stuff is truly nasty. She is in need of years of psychiatry and medical treatment if she has a hope.”

Um, yeah, Amy is surely brain-damaged by now. Snarkista is amazed Amy’s still alive at all. She has to weigh less than 90 pounds, and now has emphysema from smoking crack. Her enablers…friends and family who continue to allow her to live this way, are now the ones ultimately responsible for her condition. The Amy that WAS there, is gone now. An involuntary commitment is the only thing that has any HOPE of helping her. She’s out of her mind, and those around her are fiddling while Rome burns. Her parents need to nut-up and DO SOMETHING. Get Jamie Spears on the phone. He’s an effin’ expert. Seriously.

Amy Winehouse’s Mom Has Lost Her Mind

Amy Winehouse’s mom says that Amy is no longer using drugs. As everyone knows, Amy was hospitalized earlier this week after suffering a “reaction to medication” while at her London home. Papa Mitch is claiming his daughter’s drink had been spiked with ecstasy. Others say Amy took the meds she’s been prescribed to help her kick her drug habits, and chased them down with rum.

But according to the 24-year-old’s poor deluded mother Janis, the hospital visit was simply a matter of human error.

“The truth is that Amy ended up in hospital this week because she mixed up the medication she’s taking to help her come off drugs,” she told the Daily Mirror newspaper.She took a wrong tablet.”

Mom also says Wino’s recent diagnosis with lung disease has encouraged her to steer clear of recreational drugs. Like the joint she was smoking the other night!

“I really don’t think she’s using now,” she claimed. “Being diagnosed with the early stage of emphysema was a real jolt to her. A bit of a wake-up call. Mind you, I think she does have the odd sneaky cigarette. Give her a break, she’s not a miracle worker.

No, dear Janis, she NEEDS a miracle worker. Amy’s spokesman Chris Goodman said the star suffered a reaction to medication while at home but was now in good spirits after spending a “comfortable night” in hospital. Yep, Amy’s probably REAL comfy right about now. She’s out of confinement, back in her pad with a fresh supply of blood (yes, delivered this morning) and probably ready to rock and roll. Mom, you know what they say about denial…

UPDATE & One Reporter’s Night With Amy Winehouse

UPDATE:Amy Winehouse was rushed to hospital on Monday (July 28) because a friend spiked her drink with ecstasy, according to reports this morning (July 30). Newspapers are claiming that Mitch Winehouse is “certain” someone administered his daughter the drug, and also state that the results of a toxicology test on the star are imminent.

Winehouse was rushed to University College Hospital in central on monday (July 28) after reportedly suffering a reaction to medication she was taking involved with her drug rehabilitation. However, according to reports, it is claimed Mitch Winehouse is now believed to have informed police of his suspicions that his daughter’s convulsions were because of ecstasy being put in her drink. However another report claims that the singer suffered a reaction to her medication after downing shots of rum before taking her usual 11 tablets.

This awful picture of Amy Winehouse was taken this week, before she was rushed to the emergency room for a “medication mix-up”. Yesterday, as 24-year-old Amy was discharged from London’s University College Hospital, her father Mitch, 54, said: “Amy had a bad reaction to some medication. She took two doses instead of one by mistake.” He denied that his daughter had taken a deliberate drug overdose.

One journalist was spontaneously invited to the singer’s Camden flat about a month ago, and tells how she witnessed firsthand the disturbing squalor in which she exists. This is life with crazy, trusting, falling-off-a-cliff Amy Winehouse.
Read about one Daily Mail reporter’s experience inside Amy’s world here.