Naomi Campbell’s A Foul, Guilty Spitter

Diva-model Naomi Campbell plead guilty today to KICKING AND SPITTING at police officers after erupting into an uncontrollable rage on board an aircraft waiting to take off from Heathrow airport. Her bags, along with others, didn’t get loaded on the flight. That’s a recipe for DISASTER if you’re talking about Naomi! She’ll go ballistic over a pair of jeans!

Campbell was heard yelling on her phone (on a flight with a lot of kids):

“They have lost my f****** bags, get me another flight, get the press, get me my lawyer.

Campbell ordered the CAPTAIN to get off the plane and look for her suitcase, holding up the flight bound for Los Angeles for almost an hour. Bitch is CRAZY! The crew eventually called police to remove her. She wouldn’t get off the plane and said they were targeting her because she was black. Naomi, they were targeting you because you scare the eff out of everyone!

British Airways Captain Miles Sutherland was told that not all the bags had been loaded due to handling problems at the terminal. Captain Miles was probably thinking “Why me, Lord?” after hearing Naomi’s bags were among them. He took it upon himself to come and speak with her, explain the situation, and tell her the options. She screamed at the Captain saying: “I can’t believe you have lost my f****** bag. Bring me my f****** bags now.”

“How dare you tell me what my options are? You are not leaving until you find my f****** bags. You are a racist, you wouldn’t be doing this if I was white.”

Campbell continued shouting and swearing, yelling “F*** you, f*** you, Captain”. This is when BA decided to kick her ass off the plane, and call the police. Three officers arrived. Braniac-maniac Campbell proceeded to completely LOSE it, screaming “You can’t f****** touch me” and shouting into her phone to “make sure the press know”. Naomi began kicking one of the policeman and crying.

She was taken to Heathrow police station where her crazy diva behavior continued. She was thrashing her arms around and yelling “I am going to sue you like a mother f*****.” Campbell kept on swearing at the officer jabbing her finger aggressively a couple of inches away from her face. FREAK! Has anyone tested Naomi for ‘roids? This is beyond what anger management classes can change, and they’ve already tried that!!

We’re awaiting sentencing today. BA, of course, has banned the supermodel. Since you have to use your real name when traveling by air, bitch is gonna run out of airlines who’ll let her fly!

UPDATE: Campbell has received 200 hours of community service after pleading guilty to assault and disorderly conduct. The last time she did community service she complained about her required uniform. Let’s hope this one is fuglier.