Mornings on CNN Will Look Different

If you wake up with CNN, get ready for Soledad O’Brien. The network announced it’s remaking its morning lineup and will bring O’Brien back as the host of a new show, set to air weekdays from 7a.m. to 9a.m. ET. The show will be designed to be more conversational, likely in attempt to compete with rivals Fox & Friends and Morning Joe, which follow more conversational formats. CNN’s current a.m. show, American Morning – which O’Brien hosted from 2003-2007 – has struggled to get significant viewership.

Cohosts John Robers and Kiran Chetrey left American Morning this past year leaving the network open to adding different hosts and experimenting with various approaches.”There’s a real opportunity to do a show that has more thoughtful conversations,” O’Brien revealed. The show will feature O’Brien as the host, with a combination of panelists.

Time will tell whether CNN is mimicking the competition, or really trying for something different.

Keith Olbermann And Chris Matthews Canned By MSNBC

MSNBC, after much pressure, has decided to can Keith Olbermann and Chris Matthews from their co-anchor positions, and has made them commentators instead. This follows growing criticism that the two are too incendiary to serve us unbiased anchors. David Gregory will be the sole anchor of MSNBC’s election coverage. Anyone who has watched Olbermann and Matthew’s coverage this year would have to agree it has been anything BUT fair and balanced. For grins, watch the Obama Love video below to see how much Chris Matthews has a hard-on for Barack.

Olbermann has been criticized for being overly enthusiastic in praising the Democrats and vilifying Republicans, while on-air bickering between Olbermann and Matthews has embarrassed NBC News members and, many believe, alienated viewers.

There are plenty of legitimate stories to cover in the election! If one wants to be a commentator, or give an op-ed, one should NOT be an anchor. This shizz has been brewing at MSNBC for a long time, and it’s been pissing off Tom Brokaw who said that “at times Matthews and Olbermann went too far”. Don’t eff with Brokaw, fools! He will shut you DOWN!