Katy Perry Tells Boyfriend’s Groupies To P*** Off

Singer Katy Perry was fuming backstage at the MTV Europe Music Awards Thursday, after spying a group of women flirting with her boyfriend,Travis McCoy. Katy hosted the ceremony in England, and reportedly became livid when some girls were touching the Gym Class Heroes star’s piercings and tats.

Some British tabs reported that, Perry glared at the girls before saying,

“Why don’t you whores just p**s off?”

Nice British touch to the tell-off, Katy. Reportedly, Katy has nothing to worry about Travis cheating on her, because he’s crazy about her.
A source said:

“Katy may have been the woman of the moment at the awards but that didn’t stop girls flocking round her man. Travis was presenting from the red carpet and also got up onstage, so he was in the spotlight too. Plus he’s massive in the States. Katy had nothing to worry about though. Travis only had eyes for her. He was constantly stroking her hand and being all touchy-feely. After she told those girls to p**s off, Travis refused to make eye contact with a single female in the room.”

Good move, Travis. Timeless diversionary strategy. THAT’S the way to keep her off your trail!