Weird News: Mythbusters Cannonball Misfire Tears Through House

A stunt by the Discovery Channel’s Mythbusters went horribly wrong during a recent taping in Dublin, California. A cannonball fired by the show’s crew misfired and ended up crashing through a house, tearing right past a sleeping family. The Mythbusters cannonball caused quite a bit of damage, but thankfully no one was injured in the weird incident.

Mythbusters, which airs on the Discovery Channel, is known for weird experiments involving everything from whether a car balanced on the edge of a cliff can topple over if a bird perches on the front end to if is impossible for a blindfolded person to travel in a straight line. While these stunts are often amusing, this time things could have easily taken a tragic turn. During a recent filming to examine whether other items shot out of a cannon would be as effective as a cannonball went all kinds of bad when the projectile launched by the crew went astray going at bullet speed and could have ended up killing someone.

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