Naomi Campbell Attacks Driver But Won’t Face Charges

Supermodel Naomi Campbell will not face criminal charges for allegedly slapping around a chauffeur on Tuesday. According to the driver, Campbell repeatedly hit him in the head while he was transporting her through midtown Manhattan.

Naomi Campbell (Photo: Jesse Gross - Source: Wikimedia Commons)
Naomi Campbell (Photo: Jesse Gross - Source: Wikimedia Commons)

Naomi Campbell’s driver reportedly told police the supermodel hit him so hard at one point that his head struck the steering wheel. The driver pulled over to alert police he was being attacked, at which point Campbell allegedly fled the scene. New York police issued a harassment report, but the driver declined to press charges against Campbell.

Campbell’s spokesman, Jeff Raymond, said she would fully cooperate with police regarding the incident, but added “there is more to the story than meets the eye.”

The hot-tempered supermodel has previously tangled with the law several times for getting physical with her staffers. In 2000, Campbell pleaded guilty to hitting one of her assistants in the head with a cell phone. In 2007, she repeated that mistake by throwing her cell phone at a housekeeper. Barely a year later, Campbell was busted for kicking and spitting at police at Heathrow Airport after a piece of her luggage went missing.

In addition to the various criminal charges, Campbell has also been sued a number of times by former employees claiming she acted violently toward them. Sadly, Campbell has yet to serve a bit of jail time as a result of her bad behavior, being regulated to performing ‘community service’ for her crimes instead.

Basically, Naomi Campbell pretty much seems to think everyone else on the planet is there to serve her every little whim and she has the right to beat them into submission if they don’t do it perfectly. We’re kind of bummed the driver dropped the charges against Campbell, although we’re sure he probably was afraid he’d lose his job if he didn’t. This biatch deserves to get more than a slap on the wrist for all the physical, mental and emotional abuse she’s doled out over the years.

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