Pussycat Dolls Coming To Skank Up Nashville Star

Holy crap. The Trannycats are coming to Nashville. Snarkista may have to leave town until the street cleaners have finished. NBC has decided that the trannys are JUST what Nashville Star needs for “pop week”. Why there’s a “pop week” on Nashville Star is beyond me, this is a show specifically aimed at COUNTRY MUSIC. Hello? And of all of the zillions of acts available for a pop week, why in the HELL pick the skanksters? The show already has a street cred problem.

You know the ‘cats are gonna sing that heinous new single “When I Grow Up” which is an homage to self-promotion, bling, groupies and garter belts. Exactly what the country demographic is hot for right now! NBC is insane. Monday night’s show is gonna get them a ton of attention, and most of it’s gonna be bad. The show’s move to NBC was supposed to be a step up. It may become it’s step OUT.