SNL Spoofs Belmont University Presidential Debate

I guess it must be video day, but THIS is more like it. Still trying to get “Womanizer” out of my head, but thank goodness for SNL’s Update Thursday. The special featured a great spoof on the second Presidential Debate at Nashville’s Belmont University. Chris Parnell kills as Tom Brokaw, Bill Murray has a cameo, and everyone’s hilarious and spot-on as usual!

Right Now In Nashville: The Presidential Debate!

Well, it’s been a long time coming, but the night is finally here. The 2nd of 3 Presidential debates is at Belmont University in Nashville, which is actually in Snarkista’s hood! Secret Service has been around for weeks, we neighbors have been vetted, and Belmont has spiffed up it’s already very nice landscaping.

Sadly for the landscapers, a massive chain-link fence went up all around the debate site this weekend. And it’s not that temporary stuff. These dudes set the posts in CONCRETE. Belmont will be doing a bit of rehab-work after the politicians are gone. Nonetheless, Nashville is thrilled to host such an extremely important event. Belmont University has done a fabulous job of getting ready, and the kids got the day off from school. The countdown has begun. 9 p.m. ET, 8 p.m. local time. Let’s hope nobody makes a country-music joke.

KLC Is Comin’ At Ya, Doesn’t Care If You Care

American Idol’s seventh place finisher, Snarkista’s NEMESIS country singer Kristy Lee Cook, is back with Arista Nashville, the same label that signed and then dropped her in 1999. KLC punked Snarkista week after week, and made it into the Idol Top 10! Arista, in conjunction with Idol’s arm 19 Recordings, plans to release KLC’s first single “15 Minutes of Shame” on August 11th. An album is scheduled to drop this fall. The fab Brett James will produce, he co-wrote Carrie Underwood’s “Jesus, Take the Wheel.”

Snarkista knows you’re wondering why would 19 and Arista toss such a deal to a seventh place finisher when season 6 runner-up Blake Lewis was dropped from his contract? Idol’s figured out that contestants seem to do better with country music. Two words: Carrie Underwood. Her massive success is just too hard to resist for Idol brass. Kellie Pickler has had a modicum of success as well, although nothing near what superstar Carrie has enjoyed. KLC was the only country option out of this year’s Top 10, so Idol’s gonna go back to the well despite her mediocre finish.

KLC is no Carrie, although she might be a Kellie. If her release is basically background music for 4th of July fireworks, Snarkista predicts a major bomb. Brett James will certainly give KLC a good shot at country airplay, which is CRITICAL to any type of successful showing. Country programmers are notoriously hard to crack, but KLC’s Idol exposure should give her a leg up with them. “Fifteen Minutes Of Shame” IS a provocative title, and may blow up Kristy’s squeaky-clean image. Advice for Brett: DON’T put a remake of “God Bless The USA” on the release, or KLC will be sitting in the discount bin. No matter what you think of the genre, country’s a LOT cooler than that shizz.

Leave ‘Em Alone, Fools!

Okay y’all, what the eff was going on with all the star harassments last night? First Tim McGraw, and then Cher! The dynamic diva had an overzealous, drunk fan harassing her at Tootsies, a legendary Nashville nightclub early Wednesday morning.

According to Nashville police, a 36-year-old man named Calvin Hutton Houghland approached the 62 year old superstar at Tootsies Orchid Lounge. Club management asked him to leave the famed honky-tonk. Instead, Houghland had a spell of drinkin’ thinkin’, slithered into the VIP section, and grabbed Cher!

Tootsies is a Nashville institution, and is usually PACKED. It’s not big, but stars and regulars usually mingle with NO problems. This guy was likely a goofass tourist, as Nashvillians pride themselves on not bugging celebs. Bad form, you know. Houghland IS an old Nashville name, but Snarkista would be SHOCKED if this guy was part of THAT blue-blooded clan. Rest assured, she’ll look into it.

Bouncers came to Cher’s rescue and kicked the dumbass BACK out. Houghland called the cops and complained of assault! Oops! Fool failed a field sobriety test.

Cher declined to press charges, so the man could have walked home free. Instead, Mr. Crazy ASKED to be taken into custody! The police obliged. That’s the whiskey talkin’ now! Take one of the bazillion cabs that line up outside Tootsies! Cheapass apparently thought the cops would give him a ride home. They gave him a ride to the BIG house instead. His bail was set at $3,000. That could’ve bought a hellofa lot of brewskies, dude.