New Kids On The Block Release “Remix (I Like The)” Music Video, Watch

New Kids On The Block release “Remix (I Like The)” music video, watch below. The New Kids on the Block have debuted their music video for Remix (I Like The). It features Artemis Pebdani (of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia fame) playing the “lonely wallflower” who injects new life into a house party.


It’s a catchy ode to reinvention. NKOTB will be going on tour this summer with 98 Degrees and Boyz II Men. The hilarious video, which feels more like a short film dream sequence, opens with a shot of a suburban house party pimped out with pastel decorations, where we meet a seriously bored-looking Artemis Pebdani (who plays, yep, Artemis on “It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia”). In her new role as “The Lonely And Awkward Wallflower At The Party,” Artemis looks pretty miserable among the wallpaper-wallflower party guests. But hopefully NKOTB will be along to rectify the situation immediately. Continue reading New Kids On The Block Release “Remix (I Like The)” Music Video, Watch

Twitter and Donnie Wahlberg save a girl’s life

This is an amazing story of the power of social networking.  New Kids on the Block singer Donnie Wahlberg retweeted a link from one of his fans, who mentioned that her best friend, Bobbette Miller, was suffering from kidney failure, and would die if a suitable donor could not be found quickly.

Wahlberg, who has nearly 200,000 followers, passed the message on to his fan base, and the next thing that happened was the hospital was overwhelmed with calls of people willing to help.  Not only was a suitable donor found, but there were actually six matches from the people who called in off the retweet.  Bobbette will have the transplant surgery in about a month’s time, all thanks to her friend and Donnie.

Backstreet’s back… in rehab

Just when it looks like the Backstreet Boys are poised to take over the world again, A.J. McLean has announced that he’s going to take some time off now before the tour to “get himself right” – i.e. he’s owning up to his substance abuse issues yet again, and he’s returning to rehab.

This decision came after McLean realized that being high all the time was interfering with the band’s preparation for their big summer tour with New Kids on the Block.  McLean has been tweeting about his return to rehab, his third in the past decade.  He thanked the fans for there support, and emphasized that he’s doing this because he wants this to be a good year rather than an embarrassing one.  Excellent choice.

American Music Awards full of great performances

Last night’s American Music Award ceremony was one of the best I can remember in several years.  A lot of great things happened on that stage, including a great performance from Taylor Swift, who looked completely different with straight hair.

Rihanna’s opening medley was a mixture of fun and serious, but later in the show New Kids on the Block teamed up with Backstreet Boys to keep it all light and fun, giving a hint of what their tour will be like next year.  For me, though, the performance of the night was the Black Eyed Peas – even though I don’t have a lot of love for Fergie, I have to admit their future-tastic neon performance was pretty cool, if not a bit dated.

NKOTB Jonathan Knight Gets Outed


Well, there was a lot Snarkista thought was a bit off about the New Kids On The Block’s comeback video featuring the old dudes fighting off all the beach babes. Props to the babes, however, for fab acting skills.

NKOTB Jonathan Knight, it seems, was REALLY acting! Yes- surprise, surprise, Johnny just got outed by The National Enquirer. He got popped with a Brazilian model, and not the Victoria’s Secret kind!

Kyle Wilker
is obviously feeling the global recession, so he sold his story and a couple of pictures to the tabs. Kyle told the Enquirer:

“We had a wonderful relationship. I was in love with him and I believe he was in love with me.”

Nothing says love like selling out to the Enquirer! Apparently, 80’s mall-tween turned FAIL Tiffany is responsible for this mess. Kyle said Jonathan realized he wanted dudes after dating her. Ouch! Might wanna put a headband on that, Tiff, they make GREAT tourniquets.

Obviously, Kyle is a scorned little twink, and Jonathan has moved on. No word if there will be a New Guy On The Cruise.

New Kids On The Block Swear Their Cruise Won’t Be Cheesy

The Old New Kids On The Block are joining the ranks of Z-list performers who populate cruises everywhere! NKOTB want you to know that they’re still cool, though, and THEIR cruise will be the bomb…not A bomb. The boys, desperate to regain relevance, are hoping that you will wanna hop on the boat with them and kick it like you did in the ’80’s.

Joey McIntyre, Donnie Wahlberg, Danny Wood and Jonathan and Jordan Knight announced their plans to People magazine to hit the high seas for a concert cruise from May 15-18. Watch the video here!

The ride will be traveling from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla. to the Bahamas, and the dudes will entertain fans on board with special performances and meet and greets. Tickets go on sale tomorrow on their website. Jokes McIntyre: “We’re not going to be drinking pina coladas, we’ll be serving them!” Ah, yes. The ever-hip drink pina colada. You’d never catch Marky-Mark drinking that shizz! Anchors away!

Old Kids On The Block- The Fantasy Video

Girl, please. Who is gonna groove to this lameity-lame shizz? This is a 35 year old man’s fantasy video that would only come true if you have a giant wallet! 19 year old girls are NOT into old boy-band guys, and aren’t gonna come shake it at your tiki hut unless you’re loaded.

I get the marketing angle- it IS “Summertime”. But if I hear this crap coming out of my radio I’m gonna pull my Glock on it! The FIRST TIME, I say! In case you haven’t had a good laugh from the New Kids On The Block’s comeback attempt, here you go. Something about this reminds me of Heidi Montag.