Saints Coach Sean Payton Suspended Over Bountygate Scandal

The NFL has ruled New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton suspended for one year without pay over bounties paid to team members for his participation in the so-called Bountygate scandal. Saints former defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, who is now with the St. Louis Rams, has been banned from the NFL indefinitely.

New Orleans Saints coach Sean Payton is the first football coach in the NFL to ever be suspended for any reason. Payton is accused of participating in cash bounty payouts to Saints defensive players for their performance on the field. The NFL forbids the paying of bonuses based on player performance or handing out bounties for misconduct. In specific, the players were reportedly given cash bounty payments for ‘hard hits’ against opposing team members in an attempt to injure them.

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The Who Super Bowl Halftime Show Foreshadows New Orleans Win

The Who lead singer Roger Daltrey, lead guitarist Peter Townsend and the rest of the band rocked the Super Bowl XLIV halftime show, an apt foreshadowing of the Saints victory over the Colts. Considering the New Orleans Saints ‘motto’ of the night was Who Dat? – what other band besides The Who could have been more apropos?

The Who SF
The Who (YouTube screenshot)

The New Orleans Saints slammed to a win in Super Bowl XLIV after a rousing comeback in the second half of the game. Despite being 10 down, the Saints blew the Colts out of the water to take the team’s first Super Bowl win. We thought it was kind of a karmic foreshadowing with The Who was announced as the lead halftime performers. Who Dat? The Who that’s who!

As always, we’re always curious how the halftime entertainment will come off, especially since that whole Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake fiasco a while back. This year we needed no ‘nip slip’ to spice up the halftime show. The Who rocked it out hard, despite the fact that half the band looked like a bunch of nursing home escapees crashing the Super Bowl stage with stolen guitars.

Check out some of the fabulous video of The Who at the Super Bowl halftime show below. And congrats to the Saints for a blow-out victory. New Orleans is partying hard tonight!

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