Twins for Mariah Carey

The babies are finally here!  After several false alarms, Mariah Carey finally gave birth to twins on Saturday.  She didn’t think it was going to happen, though – on the ride to the hospital she was cool and collected, telling people that it was just another false alarm and that they shouldn’t get their hopes up.  The girl was born first, with her brother being born only a few seconds later.

Mariah and Nick have not chosen names yet, or if they have, they’re keeping very quiet about it.  The twins came along on the couple’s third wedding anniversary, and Nick said it was the best gift he ever received in his life.

Mariah has contractions but no babies

Singer Mariah Carey had to be rushed to the hospital due to premature contractions, but doctors got everything under control and sent Mariah home.  Mariah tweeted that she would have been happy to have the babies on the 27th, which is her birthday (or, as she bizarrely refers to it, her “anniversary”), but as it turned out it was not meant to be.

Carey is not due for a few weeks yet, and the babies are definitely better off at the moment where they are.  Early contractions are common, but Carey did the right thing by going to the hospital just to have everything checked out.  Mother and babies are both doing fine.