Usher thinks Bieber isn’t for the Disney or Nickelodeon crowd

Recording artist Usher, who is Justin Bieber‘s career mentor, recently reminisced about meeting the Bieb for the first time, and how he knew right away that Justin had star quality.  Usher says he realised right from the start that Justin would be a girl magnet, and that he knew he had a huge talent on his hands.

As for the nature of that talent, Usher insists that Justin came out at a time when pop was very “Disney and Nickolodeon,” and that part of the reason Justin’s success was so instant was because he was exactly the opposite of all that.  Which seems weird to me, because what part of Justin doesn’t fit in with the Disney crowd?  Now Slayer – there’s your exact opposite.

David Archuleta Will Basically Play Himself on iCarly

American Idol cutie-pie David Archuleta is making his acting debut on Nickelodeon. David’s basically going to be playing himself, or at least a character very LIKE himself, in an episode of Nick’s hit show iCarly.

David’s gonna play a character who gets a ton of votes in a competition called “America Sings.” Filming begins Thursday. “iCarly is all about super-talented teens so David Archuleta is an ideal fit,” show executive producer and creator Dan Schneider said. Shouldn’t be much of a stretch for David!

No word yet on when the episode will air, but stay tuned and look for your favorite “Crush” on Nick soon. AND, if you haven’t seen David’s new video for “Crush”, check it out!