Nicolas Cage Sued for Abuse by Baby Momma Christina Fulton

Actor Nicolas Cage is being sued for abuse by Christina Fulton, the mother of Cage’s 18-year-old son Weston Coppola Cage. Fulton is suing Cage for $13 million over allegations of “mental, physical and emotional abuse.”

Nicolas Cage
Nicolas Cage

Nicolas Cage and Christina Fulton began dating in 1988, but never married and eventually split up. Fulton claims Cage bought her a house at some point, but never transferred the title to her. In September, the actor reportedly served his ex-lover with a 60-day notice to move out so he could sell the house. Cage currently owes millions to the IRS and is suing his business manager, Sam Levin, for screwing with his money.

Pissed off about the whole house thing, Christina Fulton is now suing Nicolas Cage for a hefty $13 million. Fulton claims she was forced to give up her acting career to care for the former couple’s son and suffered “mental, physical and emotional abuse” at Cage’s hands. The suit does not include any details about such alleged abuse.

There is one thing Cage and Fulton do have in common. Fulton is also reportedly suing Cage’s former business manager, Sam Levin, for negligence which she claims caused her to owe more than $1 million in debt to the IRS.

Cage’s lawyer says the lawsuit from Fulton is “ridiculous and absurd.” In a press statement, he said “Nicholas has given her approximately $3 million every year for many years, even though he was only obligated to pay her $6,000-a-month in child support. We expect this lawsuit to be promptly thrown out.”

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