Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban have a baby

Nicole Kidman and husband Keith Urban, who tried unsuccessfully to have a second child via IVF, have finally found success down a different road – surrogacy.  Their new daughter, Faith Margaret, was born to a surrogate in Nashville on December 28th, but the couple chose to keep it a secret so that they could have some private time before the press jumped on the story.

Commercial surrogacy is a hot topic in Kidman’s native Australia right now, and in fact a new law is soon to be passed banning the procedure, even if the arrangements are made outside Australia.  Kidman has not said whether she would even want a third child, but if she and Urban ever did go the surrogacy route again, they would either have to enter into a non-commercial agreement or face prosecution.

Is Nicole Kidman Pregnant Again?

nicole-kidman-preggers-againHmmm! Nicole Kidman has sparked speculation that she is preggers again, after she was spotted sporting an apparent baby bump. She was attending the Japan premiere of her film “Australia.” At the event yesterday in Tokyo, Nic was photographed wearing a loose black dress that exposed a bit of a bump.

Now bumps are hard to see on Nic, as she is so super skinny. But while walking the red carpet alongside co-star Hugh Jackman, Nicole was snapped placing both of her hands on her stomach, a body language which was assumed by people as an indication that she indeed is pregnant.

No comment yet from Nicole or hubby Keith Urban’s representatives. This would be the happy couple’s second baby, they have a daughter, Sunday Rose, born in July 2008. Since that time, Nicole has been spending most of her time here in Nashville to be with the baby girl.

Tom Cruise: Box Office Poison

Tom Cruise isn’t going to be playing the role of Edwin A. Salt, a fictional CIA officer who is outed as a spy. Fox 411 reports that the production, “Edwin A. Salt,” from Columbia Pictures, has been a huge, expensive headache.

Now Tom is out, and apparently it’s about the money. Tommy still thinks he’s a “Top Gun” in Hollywood. He used to be the highest-paid star, but he’s not commanding a $20 million salary like he did in the past. A studio source says:

The reasons for Cruise’s departure are not just his diminished popularity, negative public opinion and Scientology — although those would be good enough. It’s also just generational. Cruise is 45. His heyday as a box office star — if he ever had one — is over. Like past huge leading action stars such as Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger, Cruise must face the brutal facts of aging. Ironically, he’s been replaced by Will Smith, whom Cruise has courted for Scientology.

Yep, Tommy’s officially a cougar now, and a lot of people aren’t real keen spending their money or time on Mr. Couch! Cruise’s upcoming release, “Valkyrie,” is due next February. It isn’t going to help Tommy’s image to play a Nazi, although it may have been a breeze for him to get into character. Just ask Katie!

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Katie Holmes Isn’t Cuttin’ It On Broadway

Duck, y’all, the wrath of Xenu is coming! NY Post’s Michael Riedel reports that when it comes to the Broadway box office, the current Mrs. Tom Cruise has NOTHIN’ on the FORMER Mrs. Tom Cruise.

Katie Holmes is starring in the revival of Arthur Miller’s “All My Sons” this fall, but production sources are worried ‘cuz advance ticket sales aren’t looking real good. “Where are all the Scientologists? Don’t they want to see her?” jokes one person, who is no fool and requested anonymity. The Sci-bots will make you DISAPPEAR if you eff with them.

Ticket brokers and group sales agents say interest in the Holmes show is: NADA, NYET, NEIN, NONE. “I bought 1,000 tickets to the show,” says one broker. “I still have them.” The advance sales for “All My Sons,” which opens in September, is said to be less than $1 million. Yikes! New mom Nicole Kidman racked up a $4 million advance in 1998, when she made her Broadway debut in David Hare’s “The Blue Room.”

Nic wasn’t a huge star then, but she was great in the play. Scalpers were getting $700 for seats in the balcony! Her career took off afterwards helped by the press love she got for her performance. And because she split with Tommy-Girl shortly afterwards.

Why is Katie trailing Nic at the box office? Well, there’s the obvious: TOM, who’s still trying to rebound from couch-bouncing with Oprah. Katie’s not a huge draw on her own ‘cuz she’s mostly famous for being Tommy’s beard, and the economy sucks.

Also not helping: the backstage chatter at “All My Sons,” is that the cast has been forced to sign confidentiality agreements. Shocker. Katie’s Scientology captors don’t want any press they can’t control. Great strategy, as usual. See how well it’s working for Tom? L. Ron’s brainwashing techniques don’t fly with the PR peeps, and journalists don’t take kindly to being threatened with loss of life as they know it. Ergo- crickets.

Nicole Kidman And Keith Urban Welcome A Baby Girl!

Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban welcomed a baby girl this morning! Nicole gave birth to a baby girl here in Nashville, Tenn., where the happy couple lives.

Their daughter, Sunday Rose Kidman Urban, weighed 6 pounds, 7 ounces. Keith was by Nicole’s side, and his rep said that mom and baby are “very well”, and that they are “delighted”! Kidman and Urban recently celebrated their second wedding anniversary on June 25.

The pregnancy was first announced in January. Nicole has two other adopted children with her former husband Tom Cruise: Isabella, 15, and Connor, 13.

So Nicole Kidman DOES Have A Bump!

Nicole Kidman baby bump It’s about damn time, too- she’s only 7 months pregnant! Nicole attended last night’s Academy of Country Music awards in Las Vegas with hubby Keith Urban. This is possibly the most awkward looking red carpet photo ever, with both of them pulling her dress back so the ‘lil lump of love would show. Nic is definitely no Angelina Jolie! Keith was nominated for ACMA entertainer of the year, but lost to Kenny Chesney in Kenny’s 4th win. Kenny’s been on a roll, so I doubt Keith was surprised.

Kenny, brainiac that he is, (trust me) immediately dissed the system that the ACMA’s used this year which incorporated fan votes on the net. WTF?! Little dude, take your statue and move on. We know Garth Brooks didn’t win that way, because his music is older than the internet! Besides, we all know the ACMA’s are the cheesy pretenders to the CMA throne. Just put on a hawaiian shirt and get a margarita, K?

UPDATE! According to yahoo news, Kenny Chesney’s a bit of a hypocrite for dissing the ACMA’s internet voting for Entertainer of the Year last night. Apparantly, Kenny’s MySpace still had a large banner Monday urging fans to “bring it home for KC,” with links to the academy’s online voting page! Chesney’s Myspace also included a May 1 post urging fans to vote! Like I said…BRAINIAC. Oh, the Chesney stories I could tell! But I wont. Unless you get me REALLY sauced!