Nicole Richie and Joel Madden finally get married

First comes love, then comes the baby carriage (twice), and now, finally, comes marriage – Joel Madden and Nicole Richie tied the knot on Saturday, in the company of about 130 family members and friends.  The guest list had a mixture of celebs and relatives, and they went with a classy, traditional theme.

One thing remains a mystery, though – a trained elephant was seen entering the ceremony grounds (Lionel Richie‘s estate), and it seems so out of place given the subtle, elegant nature of the rest of the ceremony, one wonders what the elephant was doing there.  Perhaps it was on the guest list?

Nicole Richie Hospitalized with Pneumonia But Doing Well

Former Simple Life star Nicole Richie has checked into a Los Angeles hospital suffering from pneumonia after over a week of battling illness. The petite mother of two is reportedly doing fine though, according to her rep.


“Nicole has checked into Cedars-Sinai where she is being treated for pneumonia,” a rep for Richie tells X17. “She is doing well.” Richie has complained of being sick for over a week, posting on her Twitter feed Sunday: “ok cold, it’s been 6 days. Lets part ways graciously & keep it moving.”

28-year-old Nicole Richie appeared in court Monday afternoon with partner Joel Madden to receive approval for a restraining order against two paparazzi they claim have harassed them and endangered their children. The judge granted a three year restraining order against the celebrity photographers.

Get well soon Nicole!

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Heather Mills Can’t Spend It Fast Enough

Heather Mills, the most hated woman in the UK, took a little vaycay last week! She took 20 friends with her to celebrate the end of her trainwreck marriage to Sir Paul McCartney. In the UK, it normally takes six weeks for the final divorce decree to come through. Heather and Paul’s came through on May 19th, only 5 days after the divorce was granted. The poor judge most likely couldn’t bear the thought of Heather stomping back into his courtroom!

That means that Heather has had full access since then to the £24 million (approximately $48 million US) in cash and properties she beat out of Sir Paul. Party time!! Heather did it up right last week, spending around £250,000 (aprx. $500,000 US). Vegan banquets were spread out every night and guests were transported by private jet from Antigua to Necker- Sir Richard Branson’s private paradise island.

$500K is enough to buy a four-bedroom house in her hometown of Newcastle. Not that she’s ever going back THERE to live. She’s goldigged worked too hard to get where she is now! Her public image, however, has been smashed due to her crazy-ass behavior throughout the divorce. Heather shops on, blissfully blowing her ex-husband’s money. She just spent $5 million on a condo in New York, and is looking for L.A. property in the $2 million dollar range. She’s reportedly looking for something in the center of London. The price range? Around $10 million.

Her new boyfriend Jamie Walker quit his job as a travel agent to do odd jobs for Heather. She, in return, is hoping to use her contacts in showbiz to help him make it as a DJ! Maybe Heather knows SamRo and Lindsay, or the guy who used to date Nicole Richie. Snarkista confuses him with Christina Aguilera’s caveman.

Maybe Snarkista’s calculator is broken, but it says Heather’s committed over a third of her divorce money on just the items in this article. Since May! That poor divorce judge. Heather’s coming back.

The New Nicole Richie?

Nicole Richie is reportedly developing a new reality show where she will search for the “new Nicole”. Hmm. What could the requirements for THIS job be?
1) Sidekick for wonky-eyed
(ex) slutty friend
2) Drug addict
3) Anorexic
4) Get a DUI
5) Collection of giant sunglasses
6) Fugly boyfriend
7) Lose baby weight in 2 weeks

This sounds alot like Paris Hilton’s search for a new BFF to replace Nicole! EW reports that the unscripted show would test each of 7 contestants’ ability to achieve insta-fame and in the end, award the winner with their OWN reality show! A self-perpetuating franchise! The winner can then go on to have ANOTHER reality show to find THEM a friend! Why is it that so many “stars” have to have reality shows to help them find friends? Possibly because they’re numbnuts who have the attention span of dirt? Or maybe it’s just douche overload. Either way, SOMEBODY’S gonna get a “friend” outa all of this crap. For about 2 months.