Travis Barker & DJ AM Critically Injured In Crashed Learjet In South Carolina


UPDATE-UPDATE: Travis Barker is being treated for “extensive burns” that he suffered from the waist down. DJ AM is also being treated for very, very serious burns, reportedly over 50% of his body, in his face and upper body area. He is being kept in an incubator, to keep his environment as sterile as possible.

Travis’ ex Shanna Moakler,mother of their 4-year-old son, Landon, and 2-year-old daughter, Alabama, and DJ AM’s family are en route to the burn center now. US magazine reports that DJ AM’s ex, Nicole Ritchie, is “in shock, and horribly upset about the people who died. Shanna’s mother Gail Moakler said that “Shanna spoke to Travis last night. He was defiant after the accident and didn’t want to be lifted in a helicopter, but rather an ambulance, so they had to knock him out.”

UPDATE: Perry Farrell, former singer of Jane’s Addiction , and Gavin DeGraw have been confirmed SAFE, and were NOT on board the plane. The deceased are identified as the following: –Sarah Lemmon, 31. She was the pilot. She is from Anaheim, California. Also deceased are James Bland, 52, of Carlsband, California, Chris Baker, 29, of Studio City, California, and Charles Still, 25, of Los Angeles, California. Chris “Lil Chris” Baker was the personal assistant to Travis Barker, and was newly married with a baby. RIP Lil Chris, pictured on the right above with Travis.

Former Blink 182 drummer Travis Barker and Popular singer-mixer DJ AM were 2 of 6 people on board a Learjet that crashed in Columbia, South Carolina. 4 people have been confirmed killed. Travis, who also starred in MTV reality show “Meet the Barkers”, was transported to the Joseph M. Still Burn Center in Augusta, Georgia, where he was listed in critical condition on Saturday morning. Travis came in by ground transport. DJ AM, whose real name is Adam Michael Goldstein, was also admitted in critical condition. Unfortunately, DJ AM was life-flighted in.

Eyewitnesses said the 2 men were “dumped out of the plane after it crashed into a fence, were on fire, and hitting each other to try to put each other’s flames out.” One of the men came out of his clothes and was naked. Pieces of the plane broke off and the fuselage caught fire, according to Columbia, SC airport director Mike Flack. Eyewitnesses report seeing a huge fireball.


Barker performed Friday night at Columbia’s 5 Points alongside Perry Farrell, the former Jane’s Addiction singer, as well as Gavin DeGraw and DJ AM.

Beth Frits, spokeswoman at the center, in Augusta, Georgia, said Barker and Goldstein arrived at the hospital early Saturday. She said both men had “extensive burns.” Singer-Mixer DJ AM is an ex of Nicole Ritchie’s. The burn center is the largest in the country, and the main one in the Southeast, she said.

“It’s absolutely terrible and tragic,” said Columbia Mayor Bob Coble. Eyewitness William Owens was driving down Highway 302 when he said he saw a fireball go across the road. “I didn’t know what I had seen — it was maybe 800 feet in front of me, but as I approached it closer though, I made out a fire. By then I was able to see the tail of the jet and I recognized it as a jet,” Owens said.

FAA spokeswoman Kathleen Bergen said the plane carrying six people was departing shortly before midnight Friday from Columbia Metropolitan Airport when air traffic controllers reporting seeing sparks. She said the plane went off the runway and crashed at 11:55 pm on a nearby road. The plane never got off of the ground, and subsequently caught fire. Bergen said the Lear 60 was headed to Van Nuys, California.

Travis and DJ AM recently formed TRV$AM and Travis surprised many by his foray into hip-hop music. They were onstage together at the MTV VMA awards September 7th where Travis was the drummer for all the acts appearing there..

Here are Travis and DJ AM live at the Roxy on Sunset in LA on August 27th

This is a breaking story, that Snarkfood will be updating. Snarkista’s prayers go out to all of the families. Please send some up, y’all.

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