Tim Tebow Jets Trade Deal Hits Road Block

Just hours after it was announced, the Tim Tebow Jets deal has hit a road block. The New York Jets announced on Wednesday they would be taking on the now redundant Denver Broncos quarterback as a backup QB for Mark Sanchez. Now, however, it turns out there may be a snag with Tim Tebow’s Broncos contract that could sour the deal.

According to ESPN, provisions in his contract with the Denver Broncos has thrown a speed bump in the way of the Tim Tebow to Jets trade negotiations. Apparently, as part of Tebow’s Broncos contract, he was paid out a $6.277 million advance in August. In order to finalize the Tim Tebow to Jets trade, the team could find themselves having to actually pay back a large chunk of that advance money to the Broncos.

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New York Jets Dedicate Game to Father of Casey Johnson

The New York Jets dedicated the team’s win over the Cincinnati Bengals to owner Woody Johnson, whose daughter, Casey Johnson, died suddenly earlier this week.

Casey Johnson
Casey Johnson

Following the NY Jets’ 24 to 14 victory over the Cincinnati Bengals, Coach Rex Ryan and the team dedicated the win to Johnson. “There’s only one game ball,” Ryan said, according to the New York Daily News, “and it goes to Woody.”

The Johnson family gathered to cheer on the Jets only five days after Casey Johnson’s mysterious and sudden death. Woody Johnson reportedly said it was “a very difficult time for us, but we felt it was important to be here today.” Even so, Johnson said the win could not help ease the pain from losing his daughter so young. “No, it doesn’t help,” Johnson said.

A moment of silence was held at the game for Casey Johnson before the national anthem. Jets staff members wore diabetes awareness bracelets in support of the Johnson family and their tragic loss.

No official cause of death has yet been released in the death of Casey Johnson. The young socialite suffered from diabetes, but it is not yet known if the disease may have contributed to her death.

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